10 secrets to successful couples, have you done it?


How husband and wife get along has always been a profound knowledge, and there is no fixed standard at all. Everyone’s understanding is different, but the ultimate goal is to make love always romantic and sweet, and the relationship can go on for a long time.

I believe that this is a life problem that everyone must experience and that plagues many people. In fact, the way to get along with husband and wife is that as long as you learn the following four points, it is not difficult to get along for a long time.


1. Mutual respect and tolerance

How to respect and tolerate each other? There is a need for mutual respect and tolerance between people, not to mention between husband and wife, if you can’t even do the minimum respect and tolerance, how to build a harmonious and happy family.

Between husband and wife, two people’s hobbies and interests cannot be the same, and there must be differences. At this time, you must respect each other and tolerate each other. It is not to let each other live the way you want, but to adapt to everything that you are used to each other. , to minimize disputes caused by differences of interest.

Respect each other’s opinions. When two people must have different opinions on certain matters, they must respect each other’s opinions at this time. It is not necessary to follow their own ideas and ignore each other’s opinions. It is necessary to discuss and reach an agreement together. .

A happy marriage is based on mutual respect and tolerance. No matter how good the relationship is, there will inevitably be quarrels, and there is no couple who never quarrels and bickers in their entire lives. What we must remember is to tolerate and understand each other.

Quarrel and bickering are normal in life. You don’t have to fight for a winner or loser, and you don’t have to worry about everything, and think more about it. No one is perfect, no one is perfect, live together , we must tolerate each other’s shortcomings, if you tolerate me a little, I will accommodate you a little, and there will be warmth between each other.


2. Accompany and communicate with each other more

Spending more time with each other can further enhance the relationship between husband and wife. People are afraid of being alone. If they often neglect each other, they will make the other party suspicious and think that the relationship has deteriorated.

When the other party often fails to get attention and recognition, they will look for outsiders to fill in. Especially when one party is wronged and is in a low mood, this is the time when company is most needed. At this time, be sure to accompany the other party, talk to her more, and give her some encouragement and support.

Many people cheat because, when they need the other party the most, the other party is often not there and cannot provide relative comfort and companionship.

Now many people, both of them are very busy with their work during the day, and when they come back at night they are tired and go to bed, which will lead to a lack of necessary communication.

In fact, those who say that there is no time are all excuses. Partying with friends and drinking with colleagues can always make time. Playing mobile phones and playing games can stay up all night, so why not take time to spend with the most important people around you?

I believe that every couple “crosses the road”, holding hands together, very sweet. At that time, they will always have endless topics to talk about. Couples should be like couples. Don’t forget that they came from couples at the beginning . After many people get married, they rarely hold hands when they go out, and naturally they can’t find the feeling of their first love.

Go out for a walk together at night or on vacation, go shopping, tell each other what you feel, and at the same time listen to each other’s voice. Don’t stay at home and play with your mobile phone. The virtual people on the mobile phone are never as important as the people around you. The mobile phone is not a lover, it is just a need for life. If you more time with your lover and communicate frequently, the two souls can be more closely integrated.


3. Less mutual disgust and doubt, more understanding and trust

A marriage that hates each other means that the needs of each other are not equal. The other party lives with you, and we share weal and woe together. Don’t despise the other party because he is not young, has a bad temper, and is not as passionate and energetic as when he first got married.

In fact, the reason why the other party has become like this is because of the efforts of this family. You have contributed everything you have to this family. What reason do you have to dislike the other party? Be more considerate of the other party’s difficulties and hardships Bar!

Husbands and wives should remember to question each other, don’t be suspicious every day, and give each other enough trust. Marriage is managed by yourself, not a sneaky defense.

Once there is a lack of trust between husband and wife, the relationship will go further and further. Don’t blindly listen to other people’s words, and have your own judgment.

If you have any ideas to communicate with the other party in time, if you are bored and speculate and question the other party, you will quarrel because of distrust, and your relationship will be much worse than before, and the gain will outweigh the loss .

Many marriages are because of doubts, the other party’s emotions cannot be vented, and the other party is forced on the road of derailment. Husbands and wives are equal, so we must question each other less and trust each other more so that we can love each other more and more!


4. Keep your distance from friends of the opposite sex

Everyone will have a few friends of the opposite sex. This is normal, and no one will mind that their lover is too close to the opposite sex; and no one will mind sharing their lover with others. Love is all about Selfish.

For example, if your lover goes out to play with friends of the opposite sex one day, will you think about it and feel jealous? Therefore, when interacting with the opposite sex, please keep a good distance, grasp the proportions, reduce some unnecessary contacts, and avoid them as much as possible.

Don’t let friends of the opposite sex become the third party involved in the marriage. Everyone has feelings. If you communicate too closely with friends of the opposite sex, you will have different feelings over time, and you will ignore your own partner.

No matter how good a relationship of the opposite sex is, no matter whether there is anything between you, you will never know the power of rumors, let alone how others will see you or say you, this will bring you a lot of trouble and serious impact.

Don’t get involved in the private affairs of the opposite sex, don’t treat the opposite sex as the object of your confidence, don’t pour bitterness in front of the opposite sex, and when you are upset, don’t chat with the opposite sex to relieve your pressure, her comfort will make you happy. The closer the distance is, the more your feelings will be sublimated to an uncontrollable level.

In the face of the opposite sex, you must be vigilant at all times. If you are not careful, you will be doomed. You must understand that the opposite sex is just a flower on the road of your life. Accompany you to the end , your partner is the towering tree that shelters you from the wind and rain and accompanies you to grow old together.


Since they are married, they are husbands and wives who will be together forever. Therefore, husbands and wives must respect each other, be tolerant, accompany, communicate, be considerate, and trust each other. Now that we meet, we can come together and become husband and wife, it’s hard-won, don’t let it go.

As the saying goes, “Less couples and old partners”, don’t let yourself be full of regrets when you are old, manage your marriage well, don’t look up to the happiness of others in your own world, and ignore everything you have.

Appreciate each other, forgive, never stop dating

Husband and wife are the longest interpersonal relationship in the world. With the support of the other half, they have spent many ups and downs in life with each other, and wrote a simple and happy chapter sweetly and romantically. A model couple can work together for decades, relying on, trusting, strength, and belief.

Although it is inevitable that there will be disputes between husband and wife, it is precisely because of different views that the most perfect bond is inspired. The way for couples and couples to get along is to learn and grow from each other in daily interactions. “Business Insider” analyzes 10 secrets that successful couples have. Have you and your other half done it too?

1. Successful couples appreciate each other

This is the most fundamental and simple secret, they like to be together, share their lives, complete different tasks together, and appreciate each other’s actions. Ringo Starr, a former Beatles member who has been married to his wife of more than 30 years, shared his secret, “I wish her every opinion and thought that came to me, we love each other and keep us together. Give each other more time in life.”

2. There are skills for successful couples to argue


When two people live together, there will inevitably be unhappiness and disputes. When both of them build a wall and draw a deep gap, the ruthlessness of the Cold War is even more embarrassing. A professor at the University of California in the United States suggested that when the hearts of husband and wife are connected, quarrels will be more easily reconciled, such as replacing “I” with “we”, and using “our language” in the quarrel to stand on the same side, rather than acting as a The opponent can really solve the problem.

3. Successful couples know how to forgive

The so-called forgiveness and forgiveness, no matter who is right or wrong, one party should take the initiative to apologize and let the matter pass. Forgiveness is very important. If one party apologizes, the other party is still indignant and does not give face to the other party. It wouldn’t be pleasant to get along. The correct steps should be forgiving, patience, letting go, and forgiveness.

4. Successful couples plan for the long term


Successful couples don’t just make promises to each other, they actually practice. Jim and Doris have been married for 30 years. “We are so happy to be together because together we fulfill each other’s vows, rich or poor, good or bad, sick or healthy.” Doris had a serious car accident a few years ago, and Jim’s diligent care day and night, not just the oath when he was in love, made her believe that he was someone who could be trusted for a lifetime.

5. Successful couples will never forget to praise each other

Marriage researcher John Gottman says happy couples are characterized by respect, affection and empathy, pay close attention to important events in each other’s lives, and give each other positive compliments. Couples usually don’t praise each other, and they don’t see each other’s strengths, and they end up going their separate ways.

6. Successful couples learn and grow together

Living and learning to grow old is not only true for individuals, but also for couples. If you can use the time to go to class with each other, whether it is literature, sports, cooking or art, when you have a common goal, research and study together will not only enhance the relationship, but also make the interaction more profound.

7. Successful couples never stop dating

According to experts’ research on 10 couples who have a very good relationship, they found that they all have one thing in common, that is, the couple will definitely “date on a regular basis”, especially the older they are, the more tired they are together. Experts suggest that each other should set a fixed time for a “romantic date” several times a week, even if it is just a walk or a dog walk, but don’t be too busy to have any communication or interaction.

8. Successful couples bring happiness to the other half


“I feel so annoying and tiring at work” “Every day is so stressful, I can’t breathe at all” ─ we have all complained about work, and we have also poured out unsatisfactory things to the other half, but this is actually causing the other party’s troubles invisibly . If possible, try to convey positive and happy concepts to each other, and the positive energy between husband and wife will continue to accumulate.

9. Successful couples adhere to the 60/40 principle

The so-called “60/40” principle means that you give 60 points, but you only ask for 40 points back. Don’t think that the relationship between husband and wife should be 50/50 – you want to get as much as you give in return – giving is a kind of Be happy, don’t care about who is more and who is less, uphold this principle, and everything will be solved.

10. Successful couples share common values

Values ​​are important, they represent shared beliefs, ideas, and goals. For example, a wife thinks that all people should be created equal in the world, regardless of race or skin color, but her husband has a serious “white supremacy”. This kind of deviation in values ​​is usually innate, and It is also difficult to change, and it is easy to cause a lot of disputes in the future. When you find that the values ​​are very different when you get along, you should communicate clearly as soon as possible.

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