20 reasons i love you so much


Reasons i love you


reasons i love you; Self-love is undoubtedly reflected in a love relationship. Learning to love ourselves, in order to show our love to our partner, is a fundamental pillar of stability. We reflect on this below.



I have 20 reasons to love you


The perfect couple does not exist, that’s true. But loving you is respecting you, admiring you, being in the good and the bad. If it is not like that, if I do not love you as you are, if I do not support you, if I humiliate you and vice versa, this is not love and perhaps we are both deceiving ourselves.

For this reason, many times our relationship as a couple is marked by our self-esteem. When we do not love ourselves, we allow the other to overwhelm us, to make us feel bad… and that is not love.

“One is in love when one realizes that another person is unique”

-Jorge Luis Borges-

20 reasons to love you

How can we know if our partner really loves us? To do this, we are going to present 20 reasons that will allow us to know if the other person loves us and, also, if we ourselves are truly loving.

1. Because we admire each other

When you love someone you admire them. You admire their way of being, of behaving with you and with others. You admire their way of seeing life, their hobbies… To admire is to love.

2. Because we respect each other

When we love , we respect the opinions of the other and value them. We respect his person. It is not a conflict to think differently.

3. Because we suffer when we feel that we have hurt the other

When we love a person we suffer if we see that we have made a mistake with him. We feel concerned and try to repair the damage we have caused.

Loving you implies that, in no way, I am going to wish you any suffering

4. Because we forgive each other

When we love the other, we know and want to forgive. In love not everything is rosy and sometimes our partner hurts us in some way.

But the greatness is that he knows how to ask us for forgiveness and we forgive him without rancor. Because our love is strong and overcomes obstacles.

5. Because we complement each other

Because you give me what I lack . Because I’m nervous and you calm me down. Because I’m apprehensive and you relax me. Because you complement me and vice versa.

6. Because we do not demand ourselves, we are free and we do not own each other, only fellow travelers who want to travel on the same train

I love you because since we looked at each other we both chose each other in the most free and respectful way possible to be travel companions. But each of us is an independent and complete person.

When we love we are not half oranges but complete oranges with their particular responsibilities that we have to plan a future together.

7. Because we keep surprising ourselves

A small unexpected gift, some tickets to our favorite concert, a message on the mobile or a smile on your face. Small details that make the difference . All this feeds the love towards the couple.

Loving you means that I will continue to nurture love for you, even though the years go by and our love has become much more mature.

8. Because we have learned to enjoy the different stages of love

When we love someone, we know how to enjoy each stage of love . We no longer feel so dizzy, but we have an unparalleled complicity. Sometimes, we go back to look for the butterflies from the beginning… and then return to our beautiful routine.


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9. Because we want to spend time together

When we have a relationship with another person, we like to spend time together and share moments full of experiences and feelings.

10. Because we help each other

“She knows more about this than me”, “He knows this better than me”… When we need help we know that our partner will be willing to provide it.

11. Because we don’t forget a single day: How was your day today?

It is very important that the other knows that we care about him and that every day the first thing we do when we see each other is say “How was your day?”

Worrying about how he is is essential to establish our support and the feeling of accompaniment towards the other.

12. Because we respect our spaces

Whenever we think of doing something we include it, although we also know how to respect the moments when we need to be alone or in the company of others.

Loving you does not imply burden, but space and freedom

13. Because we show our love every day with small gestures

A wink, a kiss , a smile… are enough . A gesture can contain more than a thousand words. A gesture can be the silent symbol of our love.

14. Because we still fondly remember things from our past together

It’s been a while but we remember everything we’ve lived together. All our successes, joys and also failures and difficulties but always united and facing them.

15. Because we defend ourselves

When we love someone, we cannot bear that no one can harm our partner in one way or another. We defend it “tooth and nail”.

16. Because we make each other feel good

When we love, we do not want our partner to feel bad for any of our actions and we try to make them feel happy by our side.

Loving you helps us both grow and allows us to feel very good

17. Because with a look we tell each other everything

When we look at our partner we know if he is sad, worried. When we look at our partner we know how he feels , if he is uncomfortable or if he is really enjoying himself. Together we have learned the language of looks.


18. Because there is still chemistry between us

Despite the passage of time and our changes, we still like our partner, we continue to feel attraction and desire towards her.


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19. Because we are patient and generous

Love does not continually demand. Love is giving and also receiving. We only love when we are capable of making sacrifices for the other and we try to understand it, because it is not my vision or yours, it is a compendium of both.

We love when you accept each other’s flaws and things we don’t like. When we are patient and do not intend to change someone or do it in our likeness.

20. Because we are loyal, authentic and honest

We cannot love anyone if we are not sincere and honest with him. Love does not have big secrets for the other, at most, little secrets that make us more interesting. Being loyal, authentic and honest is the basis of our trust.


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