200 questions to ask your ex boyfriend in 2020


Ending a love relationship is never easy; there is always a disappointment difficult to overcome. However, if you have managed to get through this episode, but still have doubts about the breakup, I invite you to read the following questions to ask your ex and clear your mind.

The questions that I will share with you below are intended to resolve some doubts regarding that past time, bring to mind everything you shared or persuade him to return with you.

That yes!, do not forget that your emotions must be very clear regarding what you feel for him.

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A breakup is difficult to overcome, but once the duel is elaborated, many questions arise that we want to solve.

Therefore, I will share with you some options of questions to ask your ex boyfriend , which you can complement with the phrases for your ex boyfriend that you will find following the link:

When did you realize that you no longer loved me?
Have you ever regretted ending the relationship?
When you hear our favorite song, what do you think?
You have missed me?
Do you think our relationship was a mistake? Why?
What do you do most of those things we shared together?
Do you still have the things I gave you?
Did you remember me being drunk?
Have your parents asked about me?
Have you told anyone the real reason we broke up?
What did you like the most about our relationship?
Tell me 3 things that bothered you about me.
What would you do differently in your new relationship?
Would you feel anything if you saw me with someone else?
Do you think you have changed for better or for worse since our relationship ended?
Who do you think put the most effort into our relationship?
Do you think we could have done something to not end the relationship or do you feel it was inevitable?
What do you feel at this moment?
Do you think we could be friends?
Describe how you feel about me right now.
Just as many questions and questions arose for your boyfriend at some point, today you will surely have many doubts regarding that boy who happened to be your ex.

Take a look at these alternatives:

What made you fall in love with me the most at first?
What is the most beautiful memory you have with me?
What are the things you could say we have in common?
What part of my physique do you like the most?
Is there a part of you that wants to come back to me?
What qualities are you currently looking for in a relationship?
Do you think he was the right person for you?
How has your life been without me?
What advice would you give me to succeed in my next relationship?
Was I what you expected?
What did you hate about me or about us?
Did you want to have a future with me?
What did you learn from our relationship?
Do you think of me occasionally?
What would you have wanted to be different?
What was the first thing we cooked together?
Have you ever felt jealous of one of my friends?
daring questions


Do you want a couple of naughty questions to ask your ex boyfriend and see his reaction? Be sure to read the following collection!

What do you remember most about our intimate life?
Did it satisfy your wishes?
What do you miss most about me in bed?
Have you fantasized about me after we’re done?
Did you cheat on me while you were with me or did you think about it?
Would you like to get intimate with me again?
What is the part of my body that you like the most?
Have you ever missed me in private?
Do you think you kiss well?
Do you often dream of me?
Now, if you are thinking: how to arouse interest in my ex partner ?, I recommend you read the article “ How to flirt with your ex again ”.

Although you are no longer a couple, it would be interesting if you found out how much your ex knew you when you were dating.

There are many questions to ask your boyfriend , but the ones I propose below will bring back very good memories.

How, where and when did we meet?
What was the first gift I gave you?
What was my favorite food?
What were we affectionately called?
What do you think of me now?
Name three movies we watched together
Which is my favorite color?
How long did our relationship last?
What is my zodiac sign?
Who was my favorite singer?
I’m good cooking?
I’m jealous?
When is my birthday?
How many brothers do I have?
Do I have a pet?
What is my pet’s name?
I prefer forest, beach or city
I practice a sport?
Name 2 of my hobbies
What makes me sad?
Do I have a phobia?
If you could play any instrument, what would it be?
What do I like the most about you?
Do you think I’d like to get back together with you?
Do you think I miss you?
Keep reading and you will have more questions to ask your ex boyfriend that will surely interest you!


questions for my boyfriend
In case your love relationship has come to an end and you feel that this boy broke your heart, read these questions and discover the answers that will help you grieve!

Why did you break my heart?
Are you sorry for hurting me?
Have you remembered me being with your current partner?
¿Me has stalkeado?
What does your girlfriend have that I don’t?
Did you really love me?
Did you ever think that you would marry me?
Have you talked about me with your new girlfriend?
Do you keep memories of our relationship?
If you could turn back time, would you have fought for our love?
Will you love someone with the same intensity that you did with me?
Will you ever completely get over our relationship?
What did you learn from our mistakes?
Was it me or was it you?
With me, did you become a better man?
What was your greatest learning being with me?
Really, are you ready for a new relationship?
Also, consult the article “ How to forget my ex ” to leave the past behind, recover your self-esteem and start a new path where the most important person is you.

Do you think you got to know your ex well enough? Find out with the following questions for you about your ex boyfriend!

According to you, whose fault did the relationship end?
Where and how did they meet?
What was it that most attracted you to him?
What you miss most about your ex is…
Describe your ex in 3 words
What was your least favorite thing about your ex?
Where was your first date?
What was the first thing you liked about your ex boyfriend?
Would you like to get back together with your ex partner?
Do you regret having a relationship with him?
Would you go back to him?
Do you think he would like to get back together with you?
From 1 to 10, how good of a boyfriend was he?
Do you still have their gifts?
Have you ever thought about getting married and having children with him?
If you still cannot overcome the breakup with your ex and it has been difficult for you to grieve, I invite you to read the text of integracion-academica.org


truth or dare questions
There are many questions that nobody wants to answer because they are quite uncomfortable; however, here are some questions to ask your ex boyfriend that he won’t want to answer.

Do you have a girlfriend or are you dating someone?
How is your new girlfriend?
Who is better, her or me?
For what reason did you change me for her?
Are you happy in your new relationship?
Would you leave your current girlfriend to come back to me?
Is your girlfriend jealous of me?
What was the first thing you liked about your girlfriend?
Do you think you have completely forgotten me?
In other circumstances, would you have fought harder for our relationship?
Do you think that something in my character contributed to the breakup of the relationship?
What do you think was the main reason for our conflict?
Do you remember our first kiss?
Which of the two loved the other more?
Do you miss me more as a friend or as a partner?
Did you ever cry for me?
How did you elaborate the mourning of our separation?
In case you are thinking: how to know if my ex wants to get back with me , you must learn to read his male body language and know the 5 signs that indicate that he is truly in love .

If you still talk frequently with your ex via chat, be sure to ask him these questions!:

How have you spent these days without me?
Do you miss our chat conversations?
Does it hurt to see me with someone else?
How long did it take you to stop loving me?
Have you thought about the possibility of flirting, again, with me?
What is one thing you definitely don’t miss about the relationship?
When you’re drunk, do you think of me?
Do you think it hurts me to see you with another woman?
Did you ever feel ashamed to be my boyfriend?
How long did it take you to date someone else?
What has changed in you since we finished?
Is there a part of you that wants to come back to me?
Describe the woman of your dreams.
What are you currently looking for in a relationship?
Describe how you feel about me right now.
Do you remember our last conversation before we ended our relationship?
Name 3 things about me that you look for in other women
To learn a little more about the complex world of emotional experiences, especially couple breakups, I invite you to consult the summa.upsa article. is , you will be interested!


Memories always bring with them a touch of nostalgia for times gone by; If you want to remind your ex of those moments, this list is for you!

Do you remember some of our dreams together?
Was our relationship hopelessly broken?
Did you ever think he was the love of your life?
How did we want our house to be?
How many children did we want to have?
What kind of movies would we like to see?
Do you remember our first ride? Where was he?
Who was the first to say “I love you”?
Do you still have any photos of me?
What was your first thought when you saw me after the breakup?
When did you start to feel that our relationship was coming to an end?
What is your best memory of me?
Complement with sad phrases of love and melancholy will invade them.

funny questions
Like everything in life it cannot be sadness; Here are the best fun questions to ask your ex:

How old were you when we met?
What is my hair color?
What musical genre is my favorite?
When was the last time we walked in the rain?
What was my favorite ice cream flavor?
Do you think she was addicted to social media?
Do you remember any prank I played on you?
Which of the two was lazier?
Did your family like him?
What did your friends think of me?
Do you miss my hugs?
What was the simplest and the most complex part of being with me?
Do you think it is difficult for me to communicate?
Do you think I’m attractive?
Have you spoken ill of me?
Do you consider me a friend or just your ex?
Have you cried in the last week?
You are happy?
Would you forgive an infidelity?
What is the part of my body that you like the least?
Did you hide something about me from your family?
When we were together, did you prefer to be with your friends or with me?
Was I a good girlfriend?
As you already know, life is made up of cycles that we must know how to face with the best disposition and maturity.


When ending a love relationship, the ideal is to grieve, close that cycle and move on.

The questions to ask your ex-boyfriend that I share with you in this section are designed so that, depending on the answers, you definitively close that cycle with him.

Do you think you already healed our breakup?
Do you feel like we could be good friends?
Do you hold a grudge against me?
Do you still love me or do you just love me?
Would you go out with me on a trip?
Would you be able to work with me?
What do you think about being friends with your ex?
Are you dating someone else?
Would you never come back to me?
Do you think that the cycle of our relationship has already closed?
What would you feel if I told you that I have a boyfriend and I’m happy with him?
Do you think I’ve already forgotten you?
Questions to ask your ex

Now, if your purpose is definitely to get your ex’s love back, you should ask them these questions, learn how to get your ex back , and check out the amazing Magnetic Desire Method !


What is your opinion about love right now?
Do you believe in second chances?
Would you get back together with your ex?
What is your current sentimental situation?
How many partners have you had since we broke up?
Would your family accept me again, after having ended our love bond?
Do your friends like me?
Do you think that if we go back, our relationship could be the same or better?
How do you project yourself in the future regarding your love life?
Have you ever thought of trying again with me?
Do you think I meet most of the qualities you want to find in a woman?
What do you feel for me?
When you see me, do you feel like kissing me?
How long do I have to wait to find out if you want to come back with me?
Have you answered these questions honestly?
Now that you have the best collection of questions to ask your ex boyfriend , I invite you to run them and solve all your doubts or remember those times that you had the opportunity to share.

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