365 reasons to love each other every day of your lives


365 reasons to love each other and relive the romance every day of your lives


Start your calendar by writing down one reason to love each other each day. Get inspired by these 365 reasons and live a year full of love. Treat yourself to one each day and together discover new ways to thank the happiness you feel for being together.

Your heart is pounding, your palms are sweating, butterflies flutter in your stomach, and everything revolves around a specific person. Every human being falls in love with him at some point in his life. Or several. But why we fall in love, and even more, why it arises with one person and not another is one of the great challenges that both psychology and neuroscience are still trying to unravel.

Falling in love is a process where biological, psychological and cultural mechanisms intervene. According to science, the finding of the other half has a less romantic and irrational level than traditionally believed. Numerous investigations have revealed the role that various parts of the brain (hypothalamus, prefrontal cortex, amygdala, nucleus accumbens, frontal tegmental area, etc.) play in romantic love.


“At the beginning of falling in love, and activation of the brain regions occurs in our brain that launches the reward system , in which a neurotransmitter such as dopamine motivates us in the constant search for the loved one that provokes that reward,” he says. Dr. Juan Carlos Portilla, Member of the Spanish Society of Neurology. A search that shows the wisdom of nature, as has been shown in other studies, since the brain is programmed to activate emotions and find the right person to help guarantee the preservation of the species .


Some studies even compare brain activity between those who are touched by Cupid’s arrows and those who are not by means of magnetic resonance imaging: “When lovers see a photograph of their loved one, they present greater activation of brain regions related to reward, pleasure, motivation, attention, and emotion regulation network, ” says Dr.In addition, explains Portilla, it increases the secretion of other hormones such as oxytocin (reward), pheromones, norepinephrine (a feeling of euphoria and excitement) and serotonin (mood).


Thus, on the physical plane, falling in love produces a feeling of happiness, well-being, great optimism, and generates some signs such as an increase in energy, loss of the biological rhythm of sleep and appetite, increased heart rate , among others.An interesting question is that the investigations that analyze the aspects related to love “observe how the stimulated brain areas are similar to those that are activated in cases of addiction to substances or actions such as gambling. Something that also happens when you lose the be loved.


Thus, some authors speak of love as a natural addiction “, says the doctor. Even by gender, the stimulation of the same areas is perceived. However, men in the game of seduction are more visual and women more by memory and hearing .What if it was her?In addition to the role played by the biochemistry of love, falling in love with someone responds to needs, beliefs, thoughts, desires, tastes, experiences or unconscious desires that encourage us to notice a specific man or woman.


The assumption of why, for example, Laura fell at the feet of Daniel and not of Carlos when they were presented to her at the same time is one of the questions that psychology deals with. But what triggers our attention to that certain someone?Despite relating to numerous people throughout life, only a few will deepen a relationship . In some cases, it will be unions that just as they began, one day they end and, in others, they will walk the same way until eternity.


According to Esteban Cañamares, clinical psychologist and specialist in couple and sexuality issues and promoter of the psycho-theater session Why we choose the couple we choose , which will take place on November 28 at the Viña Grande Cultural Center, of the Alcorcón City Council, mate choices are unconscious . A series of elements converge that are not perceived and that impel us to choose one person and not another.


Physical attraction is one of the aspects that have a decisive influence. “The physical types represented in our family are usually sought. We are also more inclined towards people who remind us of our parents in some quality . There will be greater affinity the more familiar they are to us. The imprint of first love also influences , “says the psychologist .


It is also frequent that the person on whom the eye is laid belongs to the same sociocultural and economic level . “On the one hand, there are individuals who are not satisfied with less and, on the other, differences in these aspects tend to generate fear of rejection,” explains Cañamares. Although there are always exceptions, the psychologist affirms that it does not occur in the population as a whole.


“Some factors are part of the psychological compatibility kit and make us approach certain people with whom we share status, a similar circle of friends, tastes… In short, we are looking for someone who fits our ideal photo . values ​​and the scheme and the life project will also influence it to become something more stable”, adds Isabel Serrano-Rosa, clinical psychologist and director of EnPositivo Sí cabinet.


Those qualities that are valued and that are not possessed are also a factor of seduction. “If someone is sociable or organized…, and I am not, it is a way to form a tandem and complement each other,” adds Cañamares. “Qualities and ideals that come on many occasions marked by society,” the psychologist points out.On the other hand, those who affect those psychological aspects that they do not want to show are usually rejected .


“Unconsciously, interest is lost or without an apparent explanation, we are not going to like it very much. We all have some taboo subject that we prefer to keep hidden,” says the specialist.In other cases, when two people have experienced suffering and a defense mechanism has been activated, it happens that if the mechanism put in place is different in each case, the attraction between them will arise .


“If someone covers his loneliness by being kind and caring to keep other people close, and another individual chooses to focus on his profession, because he considers that with a brilliant career he will always be accompanied, it is likely that these people will be attracted. On the contrary, when the tool to combat that suffering is the same, it will not go beyond a beautiful friendship,” says Cañamares.


On the emotional level, lovers have to be at a similar maturational level . “We can feel attracted to someone who is not in the same state of maturation because they want to act as an NGO helping them if they make us feel that they need us, but in the long run it has no chance of forging. If it does, it will be a problematic relationship”, indicates the psychologist.The gratification , points out the expert, which means being with him or her above the effort is essential. If the cost is higher than the rewards of being in a relationship, it will not be persisted. “Love is giving and receiving .


If it’s just giving, it’s sacrifice and if it’s receiving, it’s self-centeredness. It’s a space for reciprocity, altruism, self-esteem and affection ,” details the psychologist.The same scheme of couple and family, the way of addressing certain issues or conceiving that relationship, the confirmation of the self-image we have about ourselves or sexual compatibility are also essential. “In the end, if the other person we are dating does not allow us to be authentic , they will lose many points in the face of a more lasting relationship,” says Cañamares.In general, on a more superficial level, we are attracted to similarity in terms of lifestyle .


However, “it is likely that two opposite people, if they complement each other in values ​​or share conflicts or problems, can attract each other. In this sense, even if they are day and night, they can be compatible “, says the psychologist.


According to Cañamares, 30 or 40 years ago the world was more permanent. Currently, progress and the dizzying pace of society have brought a change in thinking, values, etc. and this is translating into a higher number of divorces . “What fit 30 years ago may now no longer work due to our own evolution. It’s not about good guys and bad guys, it’s just personal progress. This is clear, for example, in the change in the role of women (work, make decisions , is more independent…). Unfortunately, couples usually come to consult when the relationship is KO “, he concludes.


Every day is a new opportunity to love yourself a little more! These 365 thoughts of love are reasons to love each other every day. In addition to giving each other bouquets with the flowers that crowned the wedding decoration, discover new ways of expressing your feelings with these lines to celebrate throughout the year. Get inspired by them to choose the phrases for wedding invitations and use them to make each day more special.


Reasons to love you everyday



1. Because with you I can show myself as I am.
2. Because seeing you in the morning wakes me up faster than coffee.
3. Because I am free to love you and every day you give me reasons to choose to be with you.
4. Because at your side there is no routine: every moment counts.
5. Because the things that seem strange to me about myself seem charming to you.
6 . Because I can always tell you the things that bother me and at the end you give me reasons to be happy.
7. Because I make you laugh even with the worst jokes.
8. Because you sing beautifully, even when you’re out of tune.
9. Because you don’t need any tricks to make me believe in magic.
10. Because you made me discover that I can love with all my heart without fear of anything.
11. Because you opened your heart to me and in it you built me ​​a home.
12. Because you share your life with me, without hesitation or reservation.
13. Because my name sounds different when you pronounce it.
14. Because you make me blush every time you kiss me.
15. Because you have stayed awake with me when I have not been able to sleep.
16. Because in our relationship there have been good days and also bad days, but we have all been together.
17. Because you let me put (or take away) the pineapple from the pizza and the cheese from the quesadillas.
18. Because my greatest wish is to make you smile every day.
19. Because your jokes make me laugh, even if days have passed.
20. Because of the way you smile and the eyes you roll when you get sleepy.
21. Because when I’m with you I forget any problem.
22. Because our love is strengthened every time we accept our differences.
23. Because the color of your eyes is the color of tenderness.
24. Because every day we choose to be together and love each other every second.
25. Because you draw stars on my skin and snails on my hair.
26. Because disheveled or dressed for a gala, you always see me beautiful.
27. Because you leave me little notes or send me messages that improve my whole day.
28. Because we prefer to be together and angry, rather than apart.
29. Because you like to take care of me and pamper me when I don’t feel well.
30. Because you always know what I’m talking about, even though it’s been hours since I changed the subject.
Reasons to love you wherever we are

31. Because you accept me as I am even when I wanted to change.
32. Because you live in my heart, in every moment that we have been happy.
33. Because one word from you makes any day the best day of my life.
34. Because you are the first person I think of when I want to share something.
35. Because since we love each other I don’t need to wish on the stars.
36. For all the times you’ve made me laugh until I cried.
37. Because I’ve seen you try something without giving up until you get it.
38. Because I can’t wait to get out of bed and make my dream of seeing you come true.
39. Because you fill my heart with illusions and my mind with confidence.
40. Because we imagine together, we dream together and we believe in each other.
41. Because when I met you, I no longer had to look to anyone else for what I had always wanted.
42. Because I am happy by your side and when we are far away, I feel close to you.
43 . Because a message from you is enough to brighten my whole day.
44. Because together we have discovered places that I thought only existed in my imagination.
45. Because you respect that I think differently from you and you listen to my points of view.
46. ​​Because you make me dream of everything my heart desires.
47. Because when I see a picture of you it makes me want to sing.
48. For the time you told me you loved me more than anyone.
49. Because since I love you I know that being cheesy is a way of loving.
50. Because your name is synonymous with happiness for me.
51. Because you are the piece that completes all my puzzles.
52. Because you make me see stars that only shine for us.
53. Because even our contradictions are in harmony.
54. Because thinking of you, even the simplest things I do with love.
55. Because our love is not a sacrifice, but what gives us life.
56. Because you took me by the hand and helped me jump the puddles on my way.
57. Because all day I spend looking for a moment to talk to you.
58. Because you have never tried to be someone you are not.
59. Because, even if we don’t experience the same things, you make an effort to understand how I feel.
60. Because since we’ve been together I don’t think anything is impossible.

Reasons why you are the love of my life

61. Because as I am is as you see me, and so you love me and accept me.
62. Because you always listen to me and what is important to me is important to you.
63. Because I can tell you anything and you always listen carefully.
64. Because we can tell each other about any problem and find the solution.
65. Because we guess what we are thinking just by looking at each other’s eyes.
66. Because we always try together and we can laugh when something doesn’t work out for us.
67. Because I love hearing your laugh more than listening to any song.
68. Because in order to be with me, you even watch the movies you don’t like.
69. Because my well-being is important to you and you enjoy seeing me happy.
70. Because you are the person who has made me happiest and with whom I have the most special memories.
71. Because being who you are you have my love and my admiration.
72. Because, even if I didn’t know it, the day I met you was the best of my life.
73. Because being with you I remember that I am unstoppable.
74. Because with you I have never had to hide my scars.
75. Because you keep all your promises and you know the value of commitment.
76. Because your presence accompanies me when I need to be alone.
77. Because our love drives us to be better and better, even though we are enough for each other.
78. Because my passion is you and I am yours.
79. Because in all the constellations I see the two of us embracing.
80. Because by your side I can rest from the world when I need it.
81. Because I can never decide which of all your virtues is the one I like the most.
82. Because you deserve all the love you make me feel.
83. Because when I imagine the sea, you imagine us in a boat.
84. Because you are not jealous and you have never tried to make me jealous.
85. Because I would hear your voice even in the silence of space.
86. Because you would never allow me to be disloyal to myself.
87. Because you have never doubted the deep love I feel for you.
88. Because talking about you, I would make anyone who listened to me sigh.
89. Because we can make any place a home and forget about the world.
90. Because you always remind me of what is truly important.

Reasons that make me love you more and more


91. Because when I’m with you I can live in the moment, without remembering the past or trying to see the future.
92. Because our relationship has a magic word: respect.
93. Because we have never doubted each other and that has made us strong.
94. Because you accompany me in my worst moments and turn them into the best memories.
95. Because you encourage me to be happy with what I have while still expanding my horizons.
96. For the walks we have taken at sunset, between streets, beaches and gardens.
97. Because you make me feel loved even when I think I don’t deserve it.
98. Because I would trust you with anything and I trust you with what matters most to me.
99. Because you understand my feelings, even the ones I don’t know how to express.
100. Because when I feel sad you comfort me like nobody else.
101. Because every word of yours remains written in my heart.
102. Because you give me the courage to express everything I feel.
103. Because you know how to say that you love me in a thousand languages ​​and without words.
104. Because you help me see my mistakes without making me feel bad about them.
105. Because asleep or awake, you are the guardian of my dreams.
106. Because you accompany me to the places that all my life I wanted to know.
107. Because you give me my space and respect my privacy: there are no secrets between us.
108. Because I had a suspicion that I was unique and you confirmed it for me.
109. For your contagious desire to live, which fills me with energy.
110. For all the projects that we have started together and that we have not rested until they are finished.
111. For all the places that are waiting for us to go through them together.
112. Because you look for my smile even if I hide it in the dark.
113. Because you never keep a compliment, nor a comment that can make me grow.
114. Because you would make any honeymoon destination a paradise.
115. Because you have made me listen to the music of the stars.
116. Because every day you make me discover that I am capable of loving deeply.
117. Because, for me, living to the fullest means living with you.
118. Because together we dare to do anything crazy.
119. Because you show me goodness that I didn’t think was in the world.
120. Because you are the best counselor and you always listen to my concerns.

Reasons why I love having you in my life

121. Because every difference has been an opportunity to get closer.
122. Because during the day I dream of you awake and when I sleep I dream of waking up next to you.
123. Because I think of you every time I hear a love song.
124. Because I can count on you being there for me whenever I need you.
125. Because you fill me with hope when I am afraid and with security when I have doubts.
126. Because you love my gifts… even when you don’t have any left.
127. Because I could write a book or create a work of art thinking of you.
128. Because you help me to walk a different path every day and to enjoy each landscape.
129. Because when I see you, I see the best of a human being.
130. Because you fill me with luck, as if I had found you at the end of a rainbow.
131. Because when everything is dark, it is your light that guides me.
132. Because you never get ahead of yourself when we start watching a series together.
133. Because, without looking for it, you always find a way to make me sigh, smile and dream.
134. Because you support me on the diet and take me for tacos when I leave it.
135. Because you let me choose the next movie or series that we are going to see.
136. Because with you love is like a party, always full of joy.
137. Because you have made me see brighter colors than I knew.
138. Because the looks we share are already a language of two.
139. Because your thing is not to criticize, but to propose solutions.
140. Because, since you’ve been with me, none of my worst moments have had to face alone.
141. Because sometimes I look in the clouds for one that looks like you.
142. Because I know that you are authentic and completely unique.
143. Because I never doubt you: your word is final.
144. Because you value me for who I am and for what I do for you and for myself.
145. For the time we lay down on the grass and played find shapes in the clouds.
146. Because it doesn’t matter where we go as long as we go hand in hand.
147. Because you have given me unforgettable kisses that make me feel alive.
148. Because when you hug me, I feel like I’m on a magic carpet.
149. Because you make me feel like I’m ready to take on any challenge.
150. Because you made an ordinary day a date to mark on the calendar.

Reasons why I love being with you


151. Because my hobbies and hobbies became your passion.
152. Because when we are in front of the moon, you only have eyes for me.
153. Because I’ve never had to hide how much I love you and I’ve never been ashamed to tell you.
154. Because when my world is upside down, you help me put it in order.
155. Because every triumph you celebrate with me and make it both of us.
156. Because thinking of you fills me with peace and hugging you fills me with life.
157. Because we go together in the same direction and help each other overcome obstacles.
158. Because we fit into each other’s world, without having to make ourselves small.
159. Because, although we have flaws, we are perfect for each other.
160. Because your words are the keys that open the lock on my smile.
161. Because you share with me all your illusions and everything that excites you.
162. Because the details you have with me make my life an adventure.
163. Because when I get tired of the world, you are my spare battery.
164. Because you have made me discover unsuspected talents.
165. Because you never get tired of being with me, seeing me and hugging me.
166. Because I have seen that everything you do, you do it with your heart.
167. Because when I’m with you I don’t mind not having wi-fi.
168. Because everything tastes good when we eat together.
169. Because we have never had a fight that we have not come out of more united.
170. Because you know what music to put on when I feel sad.
171. For the caresses you give me when I feel vulnerable.
172. Because you make my heart beat so hard, I feel like it’s going to escape.
173. Because we are a team, the best partners who build love.
174. Because we have created an increasingly stronger relationship together, with an unbreakable bond.
175. Because I started a journal just to count all the wonderful things you make me feel.
176. Because we have seen extraordinary things in unexpected places.
177. Because our hearts open like flowers.
178. Because you created a path of kisses from my lips to my neck.
179. Because we look into each other’s eyes and it’s like seeing a kaleidoscope.
180. Because every day I have new ideas to show you my love.

Reasons to love you madly


181. Because when you help me, I can perfect any project.
182. Because I have moles in the shape of your fingerprints.
183. Because I remember your caresses in every breeze that touches my hair.
184. Because thanks to your kisses I have grown wings.
185. Because you are the salt of my lemon and the chili of my mango.
186. For the nights we have spent without sleeping, talking about anything.
187. For the times we have gotten lost walking hand in hand towards the horizon.
188. Because I didn’t understand poetry until you showed me paradise.
189. Because every sigh of mine is a kiss that I want to give you.
190. For the times that nerves won us when looking into each other’s eyes and the tranquility we felt when holding hands.
191. Because we can be artists, detectives or explorers: any fantasy becomes reality.
192. Because I lose myself in your arms and you find me again in each kiss.
193. Because every kiss from you is like a trip to the moon.
194. Because you appreciate that he gives you everything even in the simplest details.
195. Because although I can’t tattoo your hugs, I always have them on my skin.
196. Because we meet in dreams before waking up together.
197. Because with you I feel free to go anywhere and live intensely.
198. Because you are the best lover: always attentive and romantic.
199. Why run your fingers along the edge of my lips drawing my smile.
200. Because your hair moves like the sea between my hands.
201. Because when you look at me it makes my heart skip a beat when I feel like the sexiest.
202. Because you give me kisses that say more than a thousand words.
203. Because at any time of the day it is a pleasure to hug you.
204. Because between the two there is intimacy: trust and dedication towards the other.
205. Because you are the accomplice I needed to decipher my own mysteries.
206. Because you touch my arm as if you were playing the piano, listening to the music of my heart.
207. Because with you I can see the glow on moonless nights.
208. Because my favorite scents are those of your skin and your hair.
209. Because I wish I had a thousand notebooks just to fill each page with our names.
210. Because your love for me is the perfect filter for my photos.
211. Because your happy face lights me up like the moon.
212. Because you like to tickle me and sometimes you let me tickle you.
213. Because I forget everything because I’m thinking about you.
214. Because you respect all my decisions and advise me in my indecisions.
215. Because you are as proud of me as I am of you.


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Reasons I love to think of you


216. Because the answer to all my questions is always you.
217. Because we have grown together to become the best version of ourselves.
218. Because if I had to keep only one memory, it would be having met you.
219. Because you came into my life at the right time, at the exact minute.
220. Because you always teach me new things and show me things I’ve never seen before.
221. Because with you I have had the most beautiful relationship: full of respect and affection.
222. Because I’m so lucky to have you that I wouldn’t want to be anyone else.
223. Because no one has loved me like you, so deeply.
224. Because, since I’ve known you, I’ve seen you try to be better every day.
225. Because I trust you, to tell you my dreams and my fears.
226. Because no movie seems as beautiful to me as our story.
227. Because you are my priority and I know that I am yours.
228. Because you make me feel in complete harmony, like a flowing river.
229. Because our love is a dream that came true.
230. Because the day I met you, your smile was tattooed on my heart.
231. Because I feel like I’ve known you for more than one life.
232. Because if we got lost, we would travel the world looking for us.
233. Because when we are not together, I still feel that we go hand in hand.
234. Because repeating your name gives me strength to live happily.
235. Because our values, our convictions and our souls are in tune.
236. Because instead of counting sheep before bed, I count all your hugs.
237. Because you understand that my limits are not challenges and you respect them.
238. Because you know what my hangover remedies are.
239. Because you are honest with me and also with yourself.
240. Because you make me feel that loving me is the easiest thing in the world.
241. Because everything I give you comes back to me tenfold in the form of joy.
242. Because I always relive our happy moments in my dreams.
243. Because I have never met anyone like you: you are unique!
244. Because sometimes you don’t even realize that you have details full of love.
245. Because when I look into your eyes I look out a window to see the truth.

Reasons why I love you deeply


246. Because I didn’t know there were so many ways to show love, until we invented them together.
247. Because since we’ve been together I’ve forgotten what loneliness is.
248. Because you let me know that you think of me every day.
249. Because you become a poet when you are with me and tell me the most romantic phrases.
250. Because you exist and I only need that to love you deeply.
251. Because you have made me feel that I am the woman of your life.
252. Because we talk about what we want as if it were already ours.
253. Because with each kiss our love is reborn.
254. Because when I hug you I feel infinity in my arms.
255. Because you always do everything to spend as much time as possible with me.
256. Because we are inseparable and communication never fails us.
257. Because if I had to count the times you’ve told me you love me, I’d go to infinity.
258. Because you make new the things I thought I knew.
259. Because you put rhythm to my dance steps and for you I invent songs.
260. Because the words of love that you dedicate to me are smiles for my heart.
261. Because, although we have not always liked the same things, now we have many things in common.
262. Because you respect our relationship in each of its aspects
263. Because our happiest moment is tattooed in the universe.
264. Because I fall in love with you all over again every time you hug me.
265. Because every time you tell me you love me I get emotional like the first time.
266. Because I love discovering things about you that I didn’t know.
267. Because you accompany me when I embark on new paths.
268. Because we want the best for each other and we help each other discover what it is.
269. Because you have the best ideas and awaken my most creative side.
270. Because you have given me something that is only ours.
271. Because you are not afraid to show yourself vulnerable in front of me.
272. Because before having a relationship you already showed me how much you cared.
273. Because every caress of yours is a dream for me.
274. Because we have both seen the future and we are still together.
275. Because it doesn’t hurt to apologize when we’re wrong.

Reasons to love you more than anyone


276. For all the times we have unexpectedly met in the same place.
277. Because between the two of us we have made the universe a bigger place.
278. Because I don’t have to wait to live eternity with you: ours has been infinite from the beginning.
279. For the brightness of your eyes and the light that illuminates your face every time you look at me.
280. Because I rediscover myself through your gaze.
281. For the cutesy nicknames you’ve let me call you.
282. Because even if they erased my memory, I would still remember your kisses.
283. Because the best of yourself, you share with me.
284. Because you are my best friend and my favorite person.
285. Because sometimes we turn red when we turn to see each other.
286. Because we dance together, even though we both have two left feet.
287. Because you respect my convictions and my values ​​matter to you.
288. Because you hug me when I’m cold, even if I don’t tell you I’m freezing.
289. Because you motivate me to give a little more of myself when I’m about to give up.
290. Because you don’t mind running all day as long as you spend a minute with me.
291. Because it fills me with inspiration how you work tirelessly to make your life better.
292. Because you are flesh and blood even though you seem like a fantasy to me.
293. Because the strength of your love for me is capable of moving mountains.
294. Because, as long as I see you smile, no promise is difficult to keep.
295. Because of you I learned to do things that I had not done for anyone.
296. Because your way of loving me has been healing.
297. Because I notice how, after so long, you are excited to be with me.
298. Because you don’t mind if it tangles your hair as long as it makes you lice.
299. Because I already have 300 reasons and I can think of 66 more.
300. Because it doesn’t matter if we travel or stay at home, all moons are honeymoons.
301. Because sometimes I don’t have to look for you to find you.
302. Because I would like to write a book of kisses on your skin.
303. Because we are connected by hundreds of moments, coincidences and encounters.
304 . Because I know that my feelings are important to you and that you would never hurt me.
305. Because of what I felt the first time you told me you wanted to be with me.

Reasons to love you more than you imagine


306. Because when I see you my mind is filled with happy memories.
307. Because seeing your smile is like drawing a rainbow in my eyes.
308. Because I don’t need a crystal ball to see you in my future.
309. Because you always give me the best gifts, even when you don’t hit what I wanted.
310. Because you make me believe that I am capable of achieving anything.
311. Because if they made a race to the end of the world, I would be the first to arrive just to see you at the finish line.
312. Because the seeds I plant, with your light they become flowers.
313. Because when I’m with you, silence sounds like a song.
314. Because when we walk together, the streets seem to empty and the woods fill with flowers.
315. Because you know what I’m capable of, even when I forget.
316. Because we celebrate each other’s achievement together, and value our efforts.
317. Because looking at you is believing again in everything good in the world.
318. Because I love showing off that I’m with you and I like being introduced to the people you love.
319. Because you have dedicated the most beautiful songs to me.
320. Because you would recognize me effortlessly in the middle of any crowd.
321. Because you always make me see that I deserve what I dream of.
322. Because you always remind me of doctor’s appointments and you care about my health.
323. Because with different points of view we can see complete drawings.
324. Because you don’t mind giving in and you’ve taught me to be flexible so that our relationship grows.
325. Because our love is like a chain and each link is a promise fulfilled.
326. Because when I call you, it is your soul that answers me.
327. Because you never put conditions on me to see you and you treasure every moment.
328. Because we know that being together is a choice and loving each other is our freedom.
329. Because I like to take care of you, pamper you and give you all my love.
330. Because you are patient with me and you would wait for me all your life.
331. Because the only thing we hide from ourselves are surprises for our birthdays.
332. Because I can share with you something that I have never shared with anyone.
333. Because together we discover extraordinary ways of loving each other.
334. Because you have made me see that I could conquer the world alone, but I prefer to walk it with you.
335. Because all your words are backed up by facts.


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Reasons why I will love you forever


336. Because I know you would smile if you read all these reasons.
337. Because I never want to be with anyone but you.
338. Because you know when I’m sad without me having to say it.
339. Because I wish I had your patience and character.
340. Because I always learn something from you.
341. Because sometimes I see you and go back in time to the day I met you.
342. Because you always cheer me up when things don’t go my way.
343. Because you have taken responsibility for your part in our relationship.
344. Because I’d rather run for hours than miss you for a single moment.
345. Because you have made me believe that eternity exists.
346. Because with all the happy memories I have by your side I could fill a thousand photo albums.
347. Because we have built a life and the path for a full future.
348. Because I not only imagine our life together: I imagine each day being inseparable.
349. Because I know that our love will live forever and every day.
350. Because I have no doubt that you want everything with me.
351. Because my favorite color is your eyes and I would like to see it everywhere.
352. Because you are able to see that everything I do, I do so that we are well.
353. Because you improve every part of my life, every moment of the day.
354. Because when I see your photos I feel like I’m blooming.
355. Because listening to your voice on the phone is better than attending my favorite group’s concert.
356. Because by your side there is no pressure, no anxiety or sadness.
357. Because I am always amazed at how well you know me.
358. Because you caress my hair as if it were gold.
359. Because when I feel that I need you, you are already by my side.
360. Because we know even the most curious hobbies of the other.
361. Because if I were a star, I know you would become an astronaut just to walk past me.
362. Because a minute without you seems like almost a year, but a second with you is worth an eternity.
363. Because I know you would give everything just to see me happy.
364. Because if I had to keep only one memory, it would be the first time I saw you.
365. Because I would never run out of reasons to love you.

Would you dare to include any of these phrases in the texts for wedding invitations? With what line would you like to thank in your wedding favors? Give each other a thought each day and create a year full of romantic memories together. Happy New Year!


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