From the circle of friends to see the types of various girls, and the men they may like


From the circle of friends to see the types of various girls, and the men they may like


In today’s society, the quickest way to get to know a girl is to look at each other’s circle of friends.

Every circle of friends she posts has what she wants to express. As long as you understand the information, you can quickly understand her current needs, what kind of presentation you need to do, whether you have a chance with her, you It can be seen in her circle of friends.

Let’s continue with the previous article on understanding girls, and continue to update, how to understand women through the circle of friends.

Stage 1: 16-18 years old

Most of the girls at this stage are still studying, they are more constrained by their families, they are generally not financially independent, and most of the opposite sex they can contact are classmates.

Due to the lack of experience and social experience, most of the cognition of love stays at the age of listening to love, and the concept of love is generally immature and idealized.

However, it is not excluded that some young girls who have been in contact with many young people in the society are very young, but they have deep routines and play boys of the same age round and round.

The ideal type in the hearts of such girls: Prince Charming, understanding romance

Demonstration: You are single-minded about your relationship, spend more time with her, often talk love, and send some meaningful gifts.


In this girl’s circle of friends, you will find that her concept of love is very immature, so if you want to attract girls of this age, you can show more in your circle of friends: your single-mindedness in love and colorful life, and There is more to chat with her.

In her circle of friends, she usually has very little life, mainly her inner thoughts, which means that she pays more attention to the spiritual level, so you can also share with her your perception of life. What the other party lacks, you show what, probably this is the truth.


This girl is actually more experienced than girls of the same age group, and likes to play and stimulate, but her view of love is obviously not mature enough. In addition, you can find from her circle of friends that her daily life is relatively rich.

So if you want to attract such girls, in addition to showing a quality lifestyle, you should also appropriately show some passion for life, such as diving, rock climbing, motorcycle extremes, etc., and at the same time you also need to show your love of specificity.

The second stage: 18-20 years old

At this stage, some girls are in college, they have free time, stay away from their parents and elders, and are no longer bound by family and studies. Most of them have stable financial support, but they are not rich.

Many of these girls have a playful mentality and want to try some things they haven’t done before college and indulge their youth.

In addition, girls in this age group who no longer continue to study are also new to society. They still don’t understand many unspoken rules of society. They also retain the best imagination about love and will long for a vigorous love.

The ideal type in the hearts of such girls: bring her freshness, ruffian, and have fun together

Showcasing: Humor, Freshness, Travel, Surprises, Fun.


It can be seen from her circle of friends that she likes taking selfies and going out to play, and she has satisfied what girls of this age should have.

However, the circle around her is only her best friends, the social circle is not very large, and there are not many people she knows. Correspondingly, there are not so many of your competitors.

If you want to attract such a girl, you have to dress up cool and handsome. At the same time, you should also properly show the warm side, such as: taking pictures with children, taking pictures with pets, etc.



This girl is relatively open. She has posted a lot of sexually suggestive news in the circle of friends. This girl does not hide her sexual needs. She is very open-minded and has a large standard of acceptance. There are many women of the opposite sex around such girls, in other words, you have many competitors.

To attract such girls, you must not only be cool, but also ruffian. At the same time, you must be better at playing than the boys around her, and you must keep up with social authentication and high-score pre-selection.

But buddies who just want to find a girl to fall in love with, it is recommended not to try such girls, because they are usually not easy to control.



This is also a girl who loves to play. You can see that whenever she goes out to play, she will show it. I usually post some fishing circles when I’m bored, so this girl still has some routines.

If you want to attract such a girl, you must not only play well, but also have a deep routine that can provide the other party with high emotional value. Moments display can focus on social authentication, not only you can play, but the friends around you can also play.

The third stage: 20-23 years old

Girls at this stage, who have just left the campus or are about to leave the campus, will be full of confusion about the future. At this stage, with the increase of pressure in various aspects, the troubles of girls also follow.

Leaving university, far from home, first entering the workplace… I am completely in a novice stage, and I don’t know how I should go in the future. At this time, they most hope that someone can guide them and help them, and give them warm care in life and work.

The ideal type in the hearts of such girls: helpful in career, self-motivated, and able to help themselves

Display: self-motivated, warm-hearted, career-oriented.


You can find that what this girl’s circle of friends shows is mostly motivated and positive. When faced with problems and difficulties, they will also try to self-regulate.

So if you want to attract such girls, you must not have negative emotional dynamics in your circle of friends, but show your self-motivation at work and hope in life. Not only will you work hard, but you will take care of others.


Like the girls above, most of this girl’s circle of friends is full of positive energy. The biggest difference is that her view of love is slowly moving towards reality, in a transitional stage from ideal to reality.


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So if you want to attract such a girl, you not only need to be warm-hearted, but also need to show a certain material basis, so that the other party can feel that you are helpful to her work and life.

Stage 4: 23-27 years old

At this stage, girls are already old fritters in the society. They have been passed by countless boys. Most of their lives and jobs have stabilized. Family members generally begin to urge marriage, and they are easily attracted to men with good social conditions.

After staying in the society for a long time and contacting more people, it began to become more “pragmatic” – pursuing material and quality life. Some women’s views of love begin to lean towards equal exchange, and the requirements for men are relatively simple, that is, material is the main thing.

PS: This is only for a part of women, not all women at this stage are like this.

The ideal type in the hearts of such girls: handsome and rich, with good material conditions.

Show: money


It can be seen that most of what this girl shows is related to material things, which is very realistic. Such a girl also likes to play, but not with ordinary people, you must have a certain economic foundation to satisfy her vanity.

Show handsome, rich, and rich lifestyle. The rich second generation, not much to say.


High-end parties, traveling abroad, being well-informed… But in the final analysis, it’s still about material things, and there are few mental states and few states.

There are two ways to attract such a girl: one, you are handsome and rich, and the second generation is rich; two, you know women very well and can provide the other party with high emotional value.

Stage 5: 27-35 years old

Girls at this stage have formed a complete set of their own standards for love. I have experienced enough men, I have a certain economic foundation, and I have passed the age of worshipping money, and my position has begun to be clear.

The ideal type in the hearts of such girls: stable and mature, with a certain career, stable income, sense of responsibility, filial piety, and warm men are also very popular at this stage.

Demonstration: stable work, mature thinking, filial piety, will take care of people


In China, this age group has reached the age of late marriage. The family has urged countless people and experienced a lot of blind dates. He is relatively clear about his own position, wants to live in peace and stability, and yearns for a complete family. He attaches great importance to the sense of security in his heart, and can accurately distinguish whether a man is reliable and whether he can live together.


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