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There are many excellent girls in my circle of friends. Yan, who is a designer, earns about 500,000 a year, is 165 in height, and has a slender figure. Xuan, who does foreign trade, earns 20,000-30,000 a month, and she goes abroad to see the world when she has time. Jia, who works in the bank, is a standard beauty and has been single for two years. [Please indicate the original source for reprinting]


Many boys think that in today’s society, with so many single girls, it’s my turn.

The reality is that the number of single girls is increasing, which means that the form of male divorce is more severe than the form of population gap.

After all, it has not been your turn for so long, let alone a good girl for you. Many reasons.

Men are under more pressure to survive in society. They have to face a series of problems that need to be solved with money, such as buying a house, buying a car and preparing for a wedding. They often have no time to take care of themselves, and it feels expensive to make 200 yuan of hair.

The girls I mentioned above use thousands of lamers and SK-IIs that cost more than 100 yuan a piece. They travel abroad when they have time, and they spend the money on themselves.

With the same income, men make themselves rough boys, and girls make themselves little princesses. When men think they have the ability to take care of the people they love, girls don’t think so.


good flirting skill


In the age of Internet and reality shows, Deng Chao’s warmth, Lu Han’s handsomeness, Huang Bo’s intelligence, and Wu Yifan’s coolness have been presented to the majority of women. You may think that there is no competition between ordinary people and celebrities. The perfect person has implicitly raised the standard of mate selection for women.

20% of excellent men will focus on the love of 80% of women. As an ordinary person, even if it is her turn, she is not the one in her mind.

So I have always emphasized that boys spend more time and money on themselves, and don’t waste time on girls.

Someone spends 200 yuan to invite a girl to dinner, 5,000 yuan to buy her a mobile phone, and spends 3 days to go to her city, but she doesn’t get a single approval from her.

Mobile photography is a cool enough trick to flirt with girls. Many people’s lives are actually pretty good, but they don’t know how to use the lens to show it.

If you are a boy with 6 points, you should move closer to 8 points; if you are a boy with 8 points, you must not show the image of 6 points. If you want to match 2000 girls on Tantan, you can take beautiful photos by taking beautiful photos. to attract girls. Shooting with a mobile phone is convenient, and you can still take beautiful photos. Next, in the picture above, portrait photography is not shown here.


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When you take a good photo, a good-looking photo will become your signature. The girl who is newly approached sees your circle of friends and thinks that the photo can be taken well, boy, then it is not a problem to ask her out to take a photo. And you can also ask the girl you have photographed to recommend her friends to take pictures for you, which is also a good way to develop resources. This is a virtuous circle, the more you shoot, the more you get! The photos you took by yourself are good, put them in the circle of friends, and the girls see it and think that your photos are very beautiful, then the wingman will come.



Now many popular social software can make friends with the opposite sex, but the photos of your display face are very important. Boys can still take beautiful photos with mobile phones that are convenient to carry around to attract a lot of opposite sex. This is also a good flirting skill. In addition to taking pictures of beautiful landscapes, boys can also take advantage of their body shape, clothing, investment, make good use of light, and take pictures of their own masculinity to attract high-scoring girls. Get the “Mobile Photography Skills” and “Sister Tips” materials for free now.


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