How deep is a man for a girl to feel?


How do you make a girl to feel for you?

girl to feel

As soon as spring arrives, the old king next door is showing off his girlfriend.

We often hear girls say, “I can’t tell you what’s good about him, but no one can replace him.”

Obviously, they are waiting for the bus every day from 9 to 5, but the girls choose the one who “feels”. The singles are also very helpless.

But there are not so many bastards in the world who can see mung bean’s love all the way to the end, and all the “feelings” are established with “premeditated”.

Before Zhuge Liang can borrow arrows from the grass boat, he still needs to watch the sky at night, stick the grass man, and cloth the army boat, so to implant goodwill in the hearts of girls, boys need to plan ahead.

That is to say, before the invitation, through daily conversation, let the girl feel the value of the boy, so that the girl will have a “good impression”.

This feeling of girls in the early stage can be embodied as: seeing the hidden value of boys.

The hidden value is that there are benefits wherever you go

The best example is Brother Xi, who never has to wait in line to go to the bank. As soon as he enters the door, the security guard will help him arrange: “There are more than 130 queues, you can go directly to the window 5 to handle it.”

We went to the supermarket together, and the cashier girl would also walk him through the back door: “Let’s settle it for you first, there’s not much stuff.”

Not much stuff? I looked at Brother Xi’s big bag of snacks and then looked at the chewing gum I had in my hand, why didn’t Mao tie it for me first?

Boys who create hidden values ​​make girls jealous.

Some boys don’t look that good: they’re not rich, and they’re not particularly handsome, but he has a girlfriend who loves him very much.

That’s because he let girls see his hidden value, and he consciously showed it to girls: I can cook / play piano / work stability / love life and so on.

Girls will think: wow, his life is very rich, this man seems to have a lot of attractions.

It’s gold, and it shines when people see it.

Hidden Values ​​in Interpersonal Relationships

Jinnian asked me: What the hell is it that boys and girls always keep mentioning that they have “a lot of acquaintances” when chatting with girls?

Show your likability.

Yes, good interpersonal relationships are an important part of showing self-worth, so why do girls not like to listen to these a lot of times?

In fact, there is an important psychological factor in love: “It’s about me”.

When girls hear boys say things like “I have a friend who earns 400,000 a month” and “I have a friend who is a pilot”, they don’t think that boys have a high level of life, rich and exciting, etc. Girls only think: “Oh .But what does this have to do with me?”.

The topics thrown to girls should pave the way for the advancement of your relationship, or help you get along better, not self-righteous bullshit.

“My friend has opened a very stylish coffee shop on Lishan East Road. You can try it together.” This is to make a vague invitation while throwing the topic.

“Hey~ don’t be sad, I have a friend who has the same experience as you. He was oppressed and bullied by his boss, but he adjusted his mentality very quickly. Through hard work, he finally became a director.” This is to complete a similar experience with a girl through a friend. Emotional resonance.

Through a good friend as the medium, the connection with the girl also secretly enhances his value.

The Life and Emotions of Implicit Values

Girls always feel bored and often complain, “Oh, I don’t want to do anything at home, just take a day off.”

The worst answer of all is “I’m bored too.”

Don’t pursue resonance in a bad state of life, because doing so will have two results:

1. Girls think they resonate with boys, because everyone is boring, so they equate boys with “boring”.

2. Girls think boys are more boring, so they have nothing to say, and the chat breaks down.


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The best answer is: “When I’m bored, I like to watch the stars on the rooftop / I like to read books. I recommend this book to you.”

Only those with high value can attract those with low value, and a boy’s good living condition can most attract a girl who yearns to enter his life.

Negative emotions like girls saying “working overtime is annoying” need boys to lead:

“I think it’s okay to work overtime, boys should work harder to make a girl to feel for them!”

Hidden value does not mean that it can attract boys to high-scoring girls within 500 kilometers at once. Hidden value is a kind of personality charm . Boys with high hidden value and ordinary boys see different depths of life.

The biggest difference between 170 and 180 boys is not height, but depth of life.

As the goddess Zhiling said: “Men are more valuable in depth than height.”


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