How to be a high-value, attractive man?


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Good love is attracted

For girls, your strongest attraction is your high value

When you have high value and you can show it in a specific situation, you have the charm, and this charm is enough to make most girls can’t help but keep their eyes on you

Don’t laugh, it’s a time-tested truth


In fact, you only need to pay attention to the girls around you, including the interaction of male and female guests of major blind date shows. It is not difficult to find that the boys that girls like, especially the boys who are particularly popular, have similar or even the same characteristics

Here is a summary and summary of the characteristics of attracting girls, mainly focusing on the following three aspects

1. Boys with obvious masculine leadership

“Men are basically hunters, their instinct is to chase things that run away.”

Therefore, your male leadership should be reflected in the relationship between the sexes, which is a trait that the other party does not have, and it is also the first super attractive

Although the girls don’t say anything, there are a few girls who don’t like being slapped by an overbearing president. According to statistics, 80% of girls have such fantasies.

Because, the five words of “male leadership” prove that one has self-confidence, one’s own opinion, one’s responsibility, one’s strength, courage and courage, one’s ability, one’s responsibility, one’s ability to solve difficulties, and even a hundred responses, regardless of his followers. its number

Almost most women aspire to be strong women. In the face of the girl you like, you don’t have to be a “big brother”, but you must know how to lead the department and lead the relationship

One of the great advantages of this feature is that it can fully satisfy the sense of security of the girl’s inner needs, because the leader thinks that this is taking risks and responsibilities, and the girl is by your side, protected by you, she believes in your ability, and can shield her from the wind Rain, she is willing to be a supporting role and simply be her little woman

2. sweet and reliable boys

Note that the “sweet mouth and reliability” here are inseparable

Everyone likes to listen to good things, especially when girls are in love, they are animals who love by their ears

They like to hear you talk about romance, love to hear you talk about the past and the present, like to hear you do some silly things, and like you to do some romantic things

All love seems to happen in the mouth of sweet-mouthed boys. Of course, girls like such boys very much. When I hear them talk, I feel very good

However, many boys with sweet lips will also give girls a strong sense of insecurity. They will think that such boys are the same to everyone, and they are all sweet and flashy. Then, with a sweet and reliable mouth, he is a popular boy who is “flashy”

On the one hand, it can fully satisfy girls’ sense of security, and on the other hand, the reliability is reflected in the action force of “speaking and doing”, so girls will like this kind of male life.

3. Caring, optimistic and interesting boys

Whenever I turn to a photo of a boy and a small animal, the girl will involuntarily “wow” in her heart, because the girl will feel that such a boy is very caring, caring and kind.

Maybe, if I fall in love with such a person, he will be very nice to me too. Then, a “gentle and considerate picture” will naturally appear in my mind

However, people who are only gentle and considerate, and who can’t find topics in their relationship, will still be issued a good person card because “it’s too boring”

Therefore, interesting boys will not make girls boring, because such boys have never been chat killers. They can be humorous to resolve embarrassment, and even laugh at themselves. Boys with such characteristics are often especially attracted to women.

These two qualities are put together because most of what they provide is the “emotional value” of girls

Girls are emotional animals, all your values ​​must be converted into emotional values, and if you actively reflect them, girls have the urge to really want to be with you

4. Display of vulnerable surfaces

Vulnerable face display is a powerful tool to attract girls. It can not only quickly shorten the distance between two people, but also this trait will arouse the emotional reflection of a girl’s mother’s love, making girls think that you are an available boy

Especially when you show attraction and high value, when a girl is completely attracted to you, she will be in a lower position psychologically

For example, if you are a tall, handsome and rich with high value, but she is just a working girl from a small county, although you like her very much, you also release high value, attraction and goodwill to her, however, girls will I feel that it is too far from you. Although you can successfully attract her, you lack some common points for sustainable development.

And at this time, you still want to be with her, and what should you do to dispel her doubts?

Yes, it is to show your vulnerable side

You can tell her about your past, for example, you can tell her that your family is not happy, that you were bullied by your classmates when you were young, and that you have a lot of childhood shadows, which arouses her empathy and inner pity;

Or you can tell about your past setbacks, but you still overcome them tenaciously alone, survived them, and made her look at you with admiration and appreciate your inner self;

Or, you can give her the opportunity to let her care about you, accidentally hurt her hand, she can bandage you, etc.

Whether it is physical or psychological, the vulnerable side makes the other person feel that she is her own, and the distance between you is shortened. At the same time, the resonance generated by the experience allows you to communicate with each other.


To become a highly masculine high-value man, in your daily life, you can use both online and offline to make your attractiveness concrete


1. Arouse curiosity in Moments chat

In the online mode, your presentation can be done through “Moments + Chat”

For example, do you remember that some time ago, everyone liked to post the “click to open the full text” circle of friends in the circle of friends? That’s a useful tidbit for creating curiosity

For example, you can send:

“If you are not married in ten years, and I am not married, then we”

full text

“It’s so miserable, it’s so miserable.”

It’s an old trick, but it’s very useful

Interesting reversal, showing you who is not the same as usual, and more able to arouse comments and likes from girls

At this time, you can continue the topic just now.


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2. Demonstrate charm and high value in dating

Offline activities are undoubtedly the best time to show your charisma and sexual attraction

At this time, sexual attraction can also be understood as “eye edge”, which is pleasing to the eye.

In terms of appearance, it is clean and refreshing, well-dressed, generous gentleman, tasteful, and at the same time there is a faint perfume smell looming

Internally, you can choose some topics that are close to life. At this time, don’t pretend or brag, do a relatively natural self-show

Because everyone likes to talk about themselves, you can prepare more topics, or you can find some topics that you have seen in her Moments, and talk about some topics she is interested in

Make sure to make offline dating easy, comfortable and stress-free. The golden rule is:

“Share life, share mood, don’t comment.”


As for the display of self-worth, you can use your contrasting and diversified life to make the other party interested

If girls usually only know that you are a boy who loves sports, but suddenly find out that there is a piano in the dating venue, and you can still play the piano, then you will have a “double high value” bonus.

The value of offline dating shows that you can use your own advantages to choose a dating location and plan the dating scene in advance

For example, some guys schedule dates at the gym because they are very fit.

Of course, it’s not to do sweaty workouts, but many girls want to be more streamlined and attractive, so a high-end gym with relatively few people and relatively private is a good place to go.

At the same time, when you patiently teach girls some fitness movements, you can also have the opportunity to naturally make some small physical contact with girls. In addition, if you have a good figure yourself, it is a super bonus for attractiveness.

To sum up, good love comes by attraction, and the strongest attraction is your high-value display


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There are three traits that are particularly attractive to girls, namely “boys with obvious male leadership”, “boys with sweet and reliable mouths” and “boys with caring, optimistic and interesting”. Interactive mode with small window chat) plus offline (romantic sexual attraction interaction) to expand

With the above dry goods, as long as you have the ability to execute, are you afraid that there will be no girls?

No matter what value is, it will focus on the positive emotional value when you get along, so your high value is reflected here, high value is your best attraction

Sometimes it’s not enough to show the high value, what’s more important is whether you know the girl and whether she has a good impression on you, so the relationship is two-way, you can’t just consider it from one aspect.


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