How to deal with a cheating girlfriend


Infidelity can be tricky to deal with. After finding out that your girlfriend is cheating, you may not be able to continue to trust her and stay in a relationship with her. To deal with this situation, you need to assess whether the relationship is worth saving; communicate openly with your girlfriend about your future expectations; seek support from friends and a professional psychiatrist.




Assessment status
1. Ask yourself a few questions. After your girlfriend cheats, the first thing you need to do is evaluate the relationship and decide if it’s worth keeping. To do this, you need to ask yourself some questions. Try to face up to your innermost thoughts. Has your girlfriend cheated on you before? Some people can’t control their urge to cheat and will repeat it time and time again. If the root of the problem is that your girlfriend cheats easily and there is nothing wrong with your relationship, it may be easier for you to accept and forget about it.

Why is my girlfriend cheating? Although some people will say that cheating is cheating, there is nothing to say, but in fact, the reasons behind infidelity are very important. A purely physical infidelity like a one-night stand is easier to forgive than a long-term relationship where your girlfriend falls in love with someone else. Try to see things from your girlfriend’s point of view and ask yourself how you would feel in the same situation.

How was your relationship when your girlfriend cheated on you? If the relationship isn’t going well and you know your girlfriend was unhappy at the time, then her cheating is easier to understand. Are you not taking each other very seriously? Is your relationship unable to fill her emotional needs? If so, can these problems be solved? Or should you break up and find a partner that really suits you?


2. Consider open relationships. Some people are multilateral relationshipists. This means they are unable to stay in a relationship with a single partner and may want the partner to accept that they seek sex and love outside of a single relationship.

Remember, it’s okay not to accept open relationships. There is no right or wrong when it comes to whether a single spouse should remain. If you can’t accept an open relationship, pursuing that relationship will hurt you. If you and your girlfriend disagree on this issue, you may not be able to stay together for a long time.


communicate with girlfriend


1. Give each other some space. You may have been very emotional when you just found out about your girlfriend’s infidelity. After things come to light, give each other a little space to have some alone time to think. Your first instinct may be to stay with your girlfriend in case she cheats again. However, it can be difficult to manage your emotions when you see your girlfriend on a daily basis.

Use this time to think about what you want. In love, what is something you will never compromise? What are you willing to change? Figure out your wants and needs so you can talk about them the next time you see your girlfriend.


2. Talk openly and honestly. You need to discuss what happened with your girlfriend. Whether you want to solve the problem or not, having an open and honest conversation is very important to closing the matter.

Ask some important questions. What caused the conflict between you and your girlfriend? What causes disappointment and pain? What kind of things make you feel happy and have a feeling of loving and knowing each other? How would you like to change the way you communicate with your girlfriend?


Respect each other. This conversation has been painful for both of you, and your communication must be civilized and effective. Be polite when you speak. Say “how am I” instead of “how are you” so it doesn’t sound like you’re blaming the other person. Take turns speaking and try not to stay on a topic for too long. If you discuss an issue for more than 15 minutes, maybe you should discuss other topics first and come back to it later.


3. Be prepared to change yourself if necessary. When your girlfriend cheats for some reason, there may be issues in your relationship that need to be addressed. While this doesn’t mean the infidelity wasn’t at fault, it does mean that changes may be needed if you want to save the relationship. You have to understand why your girlfriend cheated. Don’t hold back, even if you’re facing a lot of pain, there may be something wrong with the relationship itself. You and your girlfriend must find some common purpose for your relationship, which means you may need to change the way you do things.

Change takes time. You have to realize that even if you’re willing to make certain changes, things won’t be significantly different in the beginning, and repairing a damaged relationship will take time and investment.

Continue dating or create new relationships
1. Do a sexually transmitted infection (STD) test. After your girlfriend cheats, you and her should both be tested for STIs. People who commit infidelity tend to have a low regard for sexual safety. You should go to the hospital for a full STI screening.

Invite your girlfriend to get checked too. Before resuming sexual activity, you must make sure you have no issues with your sexual health, especially if you are not using condoms or other forms of protection.


2. Build new relationships. After an affair, your relationship will change. You and your girlfriend need to work together to build a new relationship. Infidelity can cause a lot of arguments over a period of time, and you’ll need a subconscious effort to get over your pain.

Try to see the problem from a positive perspective. Although the previous innocence and trust are gone, but you and your girlfriend have gone through such a major setback and still haven’t separated, it shows that your relationship is very strong. Now you have an opportunity to rebuild a healthier relationship.

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