Learn to create a magical second attraction


Learn to create a magical “second attraction” like this, and the most heartless man will come back to you


The so-called secondary attraction is actually to let a man abandon the previous mode of getting along with you, and let him accept a brand new you, a you who is attracted to him again. Secondary attraction is a high-level redemption, a way to enhance one’s charm to attract men back to one’s side. So what exactly should be done?

  1. You must first improve your external image.

There are two advantages to improving your external image. First, you can increase your self-confidence, and the corresponding recovery mentality will gradually become better. Second, a brand-new image will have a great visual impact on men. His first impression is that you’ve changed, for the better, and then he’ll want to re-understand your life.

Women should dress modestly and generously, show femininity, learn to change their own styles frequently, and remember to change their hairstyles. Hairstyles are really important to girls.


     2. Internal improvement is more important.

With a good external image, the inner improvement is all the more important, because you can’t let a man know that you are still the same after a few days, and there is no real change.


Therefore, inner improvement is the foundation. First of all, you must recognize the mistakes in your relationship, and then correct them all; then you must learn to enrich your life, expand your social circle, and sprint your career. , but also the empathy that tempers the character. In short, all you want to show should be positive energy, so that when a man sees it, he will have a feeling of “lost” and want to get it back.


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3. Learn to show your worth

In the past, your value was lost in love. The above two steps are to let you retrieve and enhance your value. When a man finds out that you have value that he has never explored before, he will become curious about you again. So how do you show your worth?

Here you can show it through social circles, because even after you break up, he will go to your circle of friends to see what you are doing recently, so you show your value in these places, and he can see it for the first time ; In addition, it can be displayed by creating random encounters or friends gatherings. Of course, the impact of offline meetings is even greater, and you have to grasp it well.


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