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Hello my dears. I thank each other of our dear (es) adhere, and thanks to them that the blog has grown, bringing us together especially to discover the language love poem and SMS of love (for women and men) thus to benefit from it . So from this, I am sincerely moved by the recognition of everyone. Thanks for understanding.


To be there like that in front of you
I manage to read discreetly in your eyes
And I see how much joy there is in you
And you just want to be happy
I don’t do miracles, no certainly not
But I can bring you your tenderness, believe me
And also love and love you as it should be
‘Cause deep down I have complete faith in you
Let’s try to love each other once and we’ll see
We could create a beautiful relationship in joy
Live a wonderful and resplendent love
With lots of emotions and feelings
Let me kiss you with the taste of passion
Let’s give each other chills
Let’s call pleasure as much as desire
Let’s create a bright future together

What I feel It’s like a hurricane It’s strong and powerful carried away by the wind I come to you slowly Snuggle into your arms gently I get warm from your body ‘Cause I feel you’re strong And even more You protect me effortlessly It’s wonderful to be by your side We spend magical moments Both of us like the romantic And then we spend hours loving each other To enjoy you and me without stopping For us, it is a pleasure well shared

What can I do For you to love me What can I do For you to kiss me unforgettable What can I do For you to adore me What should I do So that you don’t leave me What should I do For you to be mine alone What should I do So that you are always by my side And say such sweet words to me I beg you to love me as much as I love you

I want you, I want you
Become one to both
A strong urge to hold you tight
And tenderly kiss you
Come gently against me
I want to feel your you
I will hug you, cuddle you
All my self will protect you
Yes, together we will become
One and make our future
The most beautiful and with lots of love
which will increase as always

IN YOUR EAR… In your ear I would like to whisper to you, Words made for both of us wonderful words, Words that will make you dream, Words with which I will tell you, That I would like to spend my life loving you, My hands will turn velvet, To bring you happiness, And a lot of heat Your desires will be my pleasure, I belong to you entirely, And for a very long time!

So many feelings inside me
That’s how I feel for you
Every time there are emotions
Who show themselves, a beautiful affirmation
So many desires in my imagination
I tremble and give me shivers
Yes I love you like I’ve never loved
For me, you are my treasure, my pride
I like to touch you, cuddle you and kiss you
How I like to bring you sweetness
With you, I live a beautiful love and so much happiness
All these moments with you, I dreamed of them

We like to get away escape us To be that both Sharing our wishes Also we talk about everything and nothing Together we feel so good Our faces beam and we smile Because beautiful and radiant is our life Our past is well forgotten Now we keep moving forward By loving us and thanks to this love Who fills us over the days
Love poems, poems expressing love between men and women, especially those written by men to women, are a type of poetry and a form of love expression. Simply put, it is a poem that conveys love between lovers.

Add poetry to the true feelings, and use appropriate themes to create, generally in the style of poetry. If it was a letter, it would be called a love letter. There are many famous love poems in China. There are also novels and operas developed from love poems. The earliest Chinese love poems may be the first poems in the Book of Songs: “Guan Ju” in “Guofeng · Zhounan”.

Love poetry is the origin of world literature. Chinese literature began with the “Book of Songs”, and there are records of love poetry in official literature. This article mainly talks about the classification of love poetry, variant poetry and poetry.

Poetic, love poetry clothes.
Poetic, love poetry clothes.
From the perspective of time, love poems are divided into classical love poems, modern love poems, and contemporary love poems. From the perspective of region and language, there are Chinese love poems, European and American love poems, Greek and Athenian love poems, Hebrew love poems and so on.

From the perspective of race, there are Han nationality love poems and ethnic minority love poems.

From the perspective of social class, there are court love poems and folk love poems. Such as Japanese court love poems.

From the perspective of religion and secularism, there are Eucharistic love poems, such as Song of Songs; monks love poems, such as the love poems of the sixth Dalai Lama Tsangyang Gyatso.

From the genre point of view, there are free style love poems and metric style love poems.

There are other types of poetry: such as oily love poems, hidden head love poems, Taoism love poems, riddle love poems, digital poems, palindrome love poems, prophecy poems, wandering fairy poems, parody poems, peeling poems…

classic love poem

love poems


Dedicated to the one you love (1)

If I had no eyes, I could see your charming beauty;
if I had no ears, I could hear your beautiful laughter;
if I had no nose, I could smell your fragrance;
if I had no hands , I must embrace you with my whole body;
if I have no legs, I will also crawl towards you;
if I am a fool, and this is my purest love;
if I only have a soul, I will also become a gust of wind , worship under your red dress;
if I am dead, and I am dead forever, my skeleton will also grow a wild rose in the ground, and when you pass over my head, it will bloom in yours feet.

Dedicated to the one you love (2)

I love you with all the boiling blood in my body, even if you’re my enemy, I’ll love you, I’ll take the poisoned arrows you shoot at me, and take the poisoned arrows you pierce my eyes I can never see your beauty again, and accept that you cut off my hands and feet and I can no longer get close to you, and I still love you. If I can’t be with you, I’d rather my life die under your violence and let the pain of despair wash my love for you. I think I will live forever for loving you!

(Excerpted from “Apocalypse of Major Life” Gong Yongyu / Author)

Love poems of past dynasties
Poetry and folk customs
Guan Ju <<Book of Songs>>

Guan Guan Jujiu, in the river continent. A slender lady, a gentleman is good.

The variegated water chestnuts flow from left to right. A fair lady, I long for it.

poo. Leisurely, tossing and turning.

The staggered Nymphs are picked from left to right. A fair lady, a friend of the piano.

Nymphae variegated, left and right stalks. Fair lady, bell and drum music.

Zijin <<Book of Songs>>

Green Zijin, Youyouwoxin. Even if I don’t go, Zining won’t have the sound?

Qingqingzipei, I think for a while. Even if I don’t go, Zining won’t come?

Xi Xi pick up in the city of Xi Que. Not seen for a day, like March.

Still Girl <<Book of Songs>>

Book of Songs
Book of Songs
Quiet girl and her sister, when I am in the corner of the city. Love without seeing, scratching his head and hesitating.

The quiet girl’s prostitutes make me tick. Tong has Wei in charge of her, and she says that she is beautiful.

Since shepherds return to weeds, they are beautiful and different. A bandit girl is beautiful, and a beautiful woman is beautiful.

Jianjia <<Book of Songs>>

Jianjia is green, and the white dew is frost. The so-called Yiren are on the water side.

Follow it back and forth, the road is long and obstructed; follow it back and forth, like in the middle of the water.

Jianjiaqiqi, Bailu Weixi. The so-called Yiren are in the waters of Mae.

Follow it back and forth, the road is blocked and climb up; follow it back and forth, just like being in the water.

Jianjia is harvested, and the white dew is not over. The so-called Iraqi people live in the river of water.

If you follow it back and forth, the road is blocked and turn to the right; if you follow it back and forth, it is like drowning in water.

Mountain Ghosts <<Songs of the Chu>>

If someone goes to the mountain, Xue Lixi takes her daughter Luo; it is easy to laugh at the same time;

Riding a red leopard, following a raccoon, Xinyi chariot forming a Guiqi flag; being led by Shi Lanxi to Du Heng, folded by the fragrance of Xinxi’s thoughts;

The rest of the place is secluded and the sky is never seen, the road is dangerous and difficult to come alone; the table is independent on the mountain,

The clouds are rosy and below; the sun is dark and the day is dark, the east wind is blowing and the gods are raining;

When the year is old, Yan Xi is Hua Yu; I gather Sanxiu in the mountains, Shi Leilei is like Ge Manman; I resent the son and forget to return,

Jun thinks that I have no time to spare; people in the mountains look to Fang Du Ruo, drink stone springs and shade pines and cypresses; Jun thinks that I look like I am suspicious;

The thunder fills up and the rain is dark, and the caves sing at night; the wind is rustling and the wood is Xiaoxiao;

Tang, Song and Yuan love poems
Line by line <<Nineteen ancient poems>>

Walk and repeat, parting with Junsheng. They are more than 10,000 miles away, and each is in the end of the sky. The road is long and long, and the meeting is safe.

Huma relies on the north wind, and the south branch of the Yue Bird’s Nest. The days have passed, and the belt has slowed down. The clouds cover the day, and the wanderer does not care to return.

Si Jun makes you old, and the years are suddenly too late. Don’t give up, don’t revert, and try to add meals.

Picking Lotus in Shejiang <<Nineteen Ancient Poems>>

Shejiang picks hibiscus, Lanze multi-sweet grass. Who do you want to leave behind? Thoughts are far away.

Still looking at the old hometown, the long road is long and vast. Living together with one heart, sadness ends in old age!

Bamboo Branch Ci Liu Yuxi

The mountain peach and safflower are all over the top, and the spring water of the Shu River is shooting the mountain stream. The easy decline of the bonus is like Lang’s meaning, and the water flow is infinite like the sorrow.

Swallow Building Zhang Zhongsu

Upstairs, the lanterns are accompanied by Xiaoshuang, and those who sleep alone get up the acacia bed. Acacia how many one-night stands? The end of the earth is not long.

Li Shangyin’s Poetry

Jinse Li Shangyin

Jinse has fifty strings for no reason, and one string and one column contemplate the Chinese New Year. Zhuang Shengxiao is obsessed with butterflies in his dreams, and the emperor’s heart is in love with cuckoos.

There are tears in the sea, the moon and the pearl, and the warm jade in the blue field produces smoke. This feeling can be reminisced, but it was already lost at the time.

Untitled Li Shangyin

When we meet, it is difficult to say goodbye as well. The east wind is powerless and a hundred flowers are left behind. Spring silkworms are dead until their silk is exhausted, wax torches turn to ashes and tears begin to dry.

Xiaojing is sad, but the clouds and temples change, Ye Yin should feel the moonlight is cold. There is no way to go to Pengshan, and the blue bird is attentive to visit.

Untitled Li Shangyin

Last night, the stars and the wind last night, the west side of the painting building is in the east of Guitang. The body has no colorful phoenix and two flying wings, and the heart has a consonance.

The next seat will send a hook to the spring wine to warm it up, and the light will be red when Cao She is covered with wax. Yu Yu listened to the drum and responded to the official, and went to the Malantai class to turn to the tent.

Li Shangyin’s solo tour of Qujiang in late autumn

When the lotus leaf is born, spring hates it, and when the lotus leaf is dry, it hates it in autumn. Knowing that love is always in the body, I look at the sound of water at the head of the river.

Night Rain to Li Shangyin in the North

Jun asked that the return date is not yet due, and the night rain in Bashan rose to the autumn pond. Why should we cut candles in the west window together, but talk about Bashan when it rains at night.

Li Si Yuan Zhen

once having seen the best, the rest is not worthwhile looking. Take a lazy review of the second flower bush, half of the cultivator and half of the monarch.

Cui Hu in Nanzhuang of the Capital City

Last year in this gate today, people’s faces were red with peach blossoms. I don’t know where the face is going, but the peach blossoms are still smiling in the spring breeze.

Donate to Dumu

Passionate but always seems to be ruthless, I only feel that I can’t laugh in front of the bottle. Candle has the heart to say goodbye, weeping for others until dawn.

Sent by Zhang Mi

Don’t dream Yiyi to Xie’s house, the small corridor is curved and slanted. Passionate only in the spring and the moon, just like falling flowers when people are separated.

Writing Love Li Yi

The water-patterned precious mats are long in thought, and the best days of thousands of miles will rest overnight. Since then, he has no intention of loving a good night, and let him go down to the west building in the bright moon.

Presented as a maid Cui Jiao

The sons and grandsons follow in their footsteps, green pearls weeping and tears dripping from robes. As soon as Houmen entered the deep sea, Xiao Lang was a passerby from then on.

Send Li Yiyuan the mystery of fish outside

Shame on the sun, covering up the sleeves, worrying about spring and lazily putting on makeup. It is easy to seek priceless treasures, and it is rare to have a lover.

Tears are drooping on the pillow, and the flowers are heartbroken. Since you can see Song Yu, why hate Wang Chang?

Jiangling’s sorrowful hope has a mystery of sending fish

Thousands of maple leaves, thousands of branches, and the river bridge hides the evening sails. Yijun’s heart is like the water of the West River, flowing eastward day and night without a break.

Sauvignon Blanc Bai Juyi

Bian water flow, Si water flow, flowing to Guazhou ancient ferry, Wushan is a little worried.

Thinking about Yoyo, hating Yoyo, I hate it until I return, and the people of Yueming lean on the building.

Wangjiangnan Wen Tingjun

After washing up, I leaned against Wangjiang Tower alone. It is not even after a thousand sails, Xiehui’s pulse and water are lingering, and the bowels are broken and Bai Pingzhou!

Ye Kinmen Feng Yansi

The wind blew up and wrinkled a pool of spring water. Leisurely lead the mandarin ducks in the fragrant path, and stroke the red apricots.

The fighting duck is leaning alone, and Jasper scratches his head and falls. All day long, I hope that you will not come, and I raise my head to hear the magpie’s joy.

Longevity girl Feng Yansi

Spring banquet, a glass of green wine to sing again. Bye Chen Sanyuan again:

First, I wish my husband a thousand years old, second, I wish that my concubine will always be healthy, and third, I wish to be like Liang Shangyan, and see each other year after year.

Yulouchun Ouyang Xiu

Zunqian planned to talk about the date of return, before saying a word of spring, you should swallow miserably, life is full of love and infatuation, and this hatred has nothing to do with the wind and the moon.

Leaving the song and don’t renovate it, a song can teach the guts. It is necessary to see all the flowers in Luocheng, and it is easy to part with the spring breeze.

Xijiangyue Sima Guang

The treasure bun is loosely pulled, and the makeup is lightly made up. The red matrimonial mist cover is light, and the flying flocculent hairspring is uncertain.

Seeing each other is like not seeing, and being affectionate is like being ruthless. After Shengge dissipated, he was slightly sober, and the deep courtyard was quiet.

Queqiao Xianqin Temple

The fine cloud is clever, the flying star spreads hatred, and the silver man is dark. As soon as the golden wind and jade dew meet, they will prevail, and there are countless people in the world.

The tenderness is like water, the good season is like a dream, and I can bear to look at the way back from Queqiao. If the two loves last for a long time, how can they be there, day and night.

Yu Meiren Qin Guan

Bi peaches are planted with dew in the sky, not just the number of flowers. In the depths of the chaotic mountains, the water is full of water, so who is it that a branch like a jade blooms for?

What’s the limit of the light cold and drizzle, if you don’t know the spring, it’s hard to manage, so why not be intoxicated for you? I’m afraid that when I wake up, I’ll break my gut!

Yulin Ling Liu Yong

Chilling. It was late for Changting, and the showers took a break. The Dumen tent has no clue, and the Nostalgia Office and Lanzhou urge it.

Doubted see tears in their eyes, even Yuning choke. Read to go, thousands of miles of smoke waves, the twilight is deep and the sky is wide.

Passionate since ancient times hurt parting. More Nakan, cold autumn festival. Where did you wake up tonight, Yangliuan, Xiaofeng and the last moon.

This past year should be a good day and a good scene. Even if there are thousands of styles, let’s talk to whom.

Butterfly Love Flower Liu Yong

Relying on the dangerous building, the wind is thin. Looking at the extreme sorrow of spring, the sky is gloomy. In the afterglow of grass-colored smoke. Wordless who will rely on Lanyi.

Intended to get drunk on the sparse madness. For wine as a song, strong music is tasteless. The belt gradually widens and never regrets it. It makes people haggard for Yixiao.

Recalling Emperor Jing Liu Yong

Thin quilt and small pillow weather. The taste of parting at first glance. After a few cold shifts, he woke up and went back to sleep.

After all, if you can’t sleep, you will grow old at night. Also planned to wait, but returned to the bridle. And fight for Nai, has become a plan.

Thousands of thoughts, many solutions, only lonely and tired. It is my whole life, and I will bear you a thousand lines of tears.

Butterfly Love Flower Yan Shu

The sill chrysanthemum smokes and the orchid weeps, Luo Mu is light and cold, and the swallows fly away. Mingyue does not know the bitterness of renunciation, and the slanting light arrives at Xiaochuan Zhuhu.

Last night, the west wind withered the green trees, and I climbed the tall buildings alone, looking at the end of the world. If you want to send colored paper without a yardstick, you will know where the mountains and rivers are.

Partridge Tianyanji Road

Caixiu held the jade bell diligently, but she was drunk and red when she fought. Dance low in the heart of the willow tower, and sing to the bottom of the peach blossom fan.

After parting, I remember meeting each other, and I have several soul dreams with you. The rest of the evening took a picture of the silver scorpion, and I was afraid that the meeting was a dream.

Xie Lianhuan Zhou Bangyan

Resentful. The lover is cut off, and the letter is Liao Miao. Faithful, able to solve the chain, like the wind and the rain, the fog is light and the clouds are thin. The swallow building is empty, with dark dust locks and a bed of strings. If you want to move the roots and change the leaves, it is all old, and you plant red medicine by hand.

Tingzhou gradually gave birth to Du Ruo. The boat is bent on the shore, and the people are in the corner of the sky. Man remembers, the sound book of that day, the gossip and gossip will be burned by the general manager. When the water station returns in spring, I hope to send me, Jiangnan plum calyx. Fight for this life, love flowers and wine, and shed tears for Yi.

Sapphire case He Zhu

Lingbo but Hengtang Road. But look away, Fangchen go. Who is Jinsehuanian with? Yueqiao Garden, Suo Windows Zhu households. There is only spring knowledge.

Feiyun is slowly stunned. Color pen new title heartbroken sentence. If you ask how much leisure. A Sichuan tobacco, the city is full of wind. Plums are yellow when it rains.

Sapphire Case Yuan Xi Xin Qiji

The east wind blooms a thousand trees at night, and the stars fall like rain. BMW carved cars fragrant all over the road. The sound of the phoenix flute moved, the jade pot turned brightly, and the fish and dragon danced overnight.

Moth’s snow willow golden strands, the laughter is full of dark fragrance. People look for him thousands of Baidu. Looking back suddenly, the man was there, where the lights were dim.

Fisherman’s Proud Chen Xishan

Jiuling Peak stands alone in front of it. Frowning frowning, broken heart. Lady in Pink hurts her robe. What’s the matter.

Mountaineering is near the water every year. Often remembered to come together today alone. The lonely boat floats in the lake light lately. Declining grass and setting sun have infinite meaning.

Who and to send? The water of the West Lake is acacia tears.

Jiang Chengzi Qin Guan

Xicheng willows make spring soft. Move away from worry. Tears are hard to hold. I still remember passionate, once for the Department of Return to the boat. Biye Zhuqiao’s event on that day,

No one is seen, the water is empty.

Shaohua is not reserved for young people. Hate Yoyo. When are you off. When the flowers are falling, go upstairs. Even the spring river is full of tears,

Inexhaustible flow, many sorrows.

A bunch of flowers make Zhang Xian

When was Gao Huaiyuan poor? Nothing like love. Lishou is causing a thousand threads of chaos, and even more Dongmo and Feixu Mengmeng.

The screeching ride is getting far away, and the dust is constantly being collected. Where can I recognize the trace of Lang.

Shuangyuan pond is water soluble. North-South small radius. After dusk in the Tihenghua Pavilion, there is still a slanted moon curtain.

Shen Hen pondered carefully, not as good as Tao Xing, still marrying Dong Feng.

Qianqiu Sui Zhang Xian

A few beeps. And reported to Fangfeiche. Xichun even folded the residual red. The rain is light and the wind is stormy, and the plum is green. Yongfeng Willow,

No one can spend the day flying snow.

Do not pluck the strings. Extremely resentful can say. Days are not old, love is inexorable. Heart like dual screen, there Chien knot.

The night has passed, and the waning moon has not yet condensed on the east window.

Magnolia Zhang Xian

The people who are separated only have a dream of meeting, and the dust of horseshoes has moved outside the door.

The song of resentment is reserved for listening when you are drunk, and it is unbearable to send it from a distance.

Tonight, Fengyue knows who is in common, and sighs and swallows the phoenix on the pipa groove.

Nothing in life is more affectionate, and the river is neither deep nor heavy.

Ouyang Xiu

On the night of the new year last year, the flower market was lit like day. The head of the willow on the moon, people about after dusk.

On the night of the new year this year, the moon and the lights are still the same. I haven’t seen the people of last year, and my tears are full of spring shirt sleeves.

Tell your sincerity

Where does the eternal night go? Absolutely sound, Xiangge cover. Eyebrows are drawn, the moon is about to sink, struggle to endure each other?

Grief orphan. Change my heart, for your heart, and remember each other deeply.

Mai Pi Tang Yuan Hao Wen

Ask the world, what is love? Direct teaching of life and death. The two flyers from the south to the north, the old winger has been cold and hot several times.

Happy and fun, parting is hard, and there are even more idiots. You should have your own words, the clouds are in the clouds, the snow in the mountains and the snow,

Only shadow to whom?

Hengfen Road, lonely back then Xiao Gu. The smoke is still calm. Conjuring souls, He Yiji, mountain ghosts cry in the wind and rain.

The sky is also jealous, but does not believe in it, Ying’er and swallows are all loess. For thousands of years, in order to keep the saucy people, they sing and drink wildly,

Visit Yanqiu.

Raw Chazi Niu Xiji

The spring mountain is about to close, the sky is pale and the stars are small, the face of the waning moon is bright, don’t cry until dawn.

There are too many words, but the love is not over. Looking back, I still say: I remember the green skirt, and there are fragrant grass everywhere.

Jiangchengzi Su Dongpo

Ten years of life and death. Don’t think about it, forget it. A thousand miles of lonely graves,

Nowhere to speak bleak. Even if you don’t know each other when you meet, your face is full of dust and your temples are like frost.

At night, Youmeng suddenly returned to his hometown, Xiaoxuan Window was dressing up. speechless,

Only a thousand lines of tears. It is expected that the place where the heart is broken every year, the moonlit night, the short Matsuoka.

Su Muzhe (Song Fan Zhongyan)

The sky is blue, the ground is yellow, and the autumn colors are in waves, with cold smoke and green on the waves.

The mountains reflect the setting sun, the sky catches the water, and the grass is ruthless, even outside the setting sun.

Depressing the soul of the hometown, chasing travel thoughts, unless every night, good dreams leave people to sleep.

The Mingyue Tower is high and rests alone, and the wine enters the sadness and turns into tears of lovesickness.

Drunk Flower Yin Li Qingzhao

The mist is thick and the clouds are worrying forever, and the golden beast is eliminated. The festive season is Chongyang again, and the jade pillow gauze cabinet is cool in the middle of the night. After the evening of Dongli’s wine, there is a dark fragrance and sleeves. Mo Dao does not lose his soul, the curtain rolls in the west wind, and people are thinner than yellow flowers.

One cut plum Li Qingzhao

Red lotus root fragrant residual jade mat autumn. Lightly untie Luo Chang, go to Lanzhou alone. Who sent the brocade book in the cloud? When the character of wild goose returns, the moon is full of the west building.

Flowers drift and water flows, a kind of lovesickness, and two idle worries. There is no way to get rid of this feeling, so I lowered my brows, but raised my heart.

Poppy Ye Mengde

Luohua has danced in style, and sent yellow flowers to rain. Xiaolai’s courtyard is half red, but the sky is clear. Diligently spend the next time hand in hand, and even make a glass of wine. Beauty doesn’t need to hold her eyebrows, I’m also affectionate, but when I’m drunk!

Yulou Chunyanshu

Green Yangfangcao Changting Road, it is easy to go to the young people. Upstairs Can Dream is five watch, and the end of the flower is divorced in March rain.

Ruthless is not like passion and bitterness, an inch is worth thousands of strands. When the ends of the earth and the earth are poor, there is only endless lovesickness.

Wang Fu Shi Wang Jian

Looking at the husband, Jiang Youyou; turned into stone, do not look back. The wind and rain on the top of the mountain come back to rain every day, and the pedestrians return Shi Yingyu.


The tallest building Cheng Gai

The old minds were ashamed when they spoke. Remember, swim with your shoulders. Hanging skirts and socks on the peach blossom bank, thin shirts and light fans in Xinghualou. How many times to go, how many times to get drunk, and how many times to stay.

Unexpectedly, the spring breeze has been broken. Unexpectedly, Chaoyunfei also scattered. It’s easy to get old, hate is hard to pay. Bee does not understand the suffering of people, Yaner does not explain the sorrow of people. The old feelings are inexhaustible, and when to stop.


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Di Fu Yun (Song Li Zhiyi)

I live at the head of the Yangtze River, and you live at the end of the Yangtze River.

Thinking of you every day, but not seeing you, drinking the water of the Yangtze River together.

When will this water stop, when will this hate be over?

I only hope that your heart is like mine, and I will live up to my love.

The order to wash the sand (Li Yu of the Southern Tang Dynasty)

The rain is gurgling outside the curtain, and the spring is fading.

Luo Qin couldn’t bear the cold.

In the dream, I do not know that I am a guest, and I am greedy for a while.

Don’t lean on the railing alone, the boundless rivers and mountains,

Separation is easier than reunion.

Flowing water and flowers and spring are gone, heaven and earth.

【Work·Love Poem】


【Author】Xu You

[Genre] Yuefu Poetry

The high hall is sullen, and the mansion is desolate.

The breeze blows from the boudoir, and the setting sun shines on the terrace.

Hesitatingly under the cloud house, Xiaoge leaned against a Chinese couplet.

Jun Xingshu does not return, who am I to pretend to be.

The furnace is not closed, and the mirror box is dusty.

Qiluo’s color is abnormal, and the golden green is dark and lacking.

Jiayao forgets the imperial order, and the wine is often stopped.

Gu Zhankong was silent, only hearing the sound of swallows.

Worrying and thinking belong together, and the center is like a sleep.

[Song of Eternal Regret], Bai Juyi

The Emperor of Han was so obsessed with the country that Yu Yu could not ask for it for many years.

The Yang family had a daughter who was just growing up and was raised in a boudoir that no one knew.

The natural beauty is difficult to give up, and was once chosen on the side of the king.

Looking back and smiling Bai Meisheng, Liu Gong Fen Dai has no color.

The spring cold baths Huaqing Pool, and the hot spring water washes the fat.

The waiter helped Jiao and weak, and it was the time when the new grace was granted.

The clouds on the temples are beautiful and golden, and the hibiscus tent is warm for the spring night.

The spring night is short and the day is high, and since then the king will not go to court early.

Cheng Huan has no leisure to serve the banquet, and the spring is dedicated to the night from the spring tour.

There are 3,000 beauties in the harem, and 3,000 love them all.

The golden house is dressed as a coquettish servant at night, and the jade house banquet is drunk and spring.

Sisters and brothers are all in the soil, and the poor glory is born in the door.

Therefore, the hearts of parents all over the world are made not to give birth to males but to give birth to females.

From the heights of the Li Palace into the blue clouds, the wind of fairy music can be heard everywhere.

Slowly sing and dance, condensing silk and bamboo, as long as the king can’t see enough.

Yuyang Jin (pí) came in agitation and was shocked by the song of neon clothes and feather clothes.

The nine-layered city is filled with smoke and dust, and thousands of horses travel southwest.

Cuihua swayed and stopped, and left the capital for more than a hundred miles to the west.

The Sixth Army was helpless, and died in front of a crooked horse.

No one collects the flowers, and Cui Qiao scratches her head.

The king can’t save his face by covering his face, looking back at the blood and tears.

Huang Ai was slack in the wind, and Yun Zhan lingered in the sword pavilion.

There are few people walking at the foot of Mount Emei, and the flags and flags are dull and the sun is thin.

The waters of the Shu River are blue and the mountains and mountains are blue, and the Holy Lord is in love in the morning and evening.

The palace was saddened to see the moon, and Ye Yu heard the sound of the bell breaking.

Tianxuanri turned back to Longyu, and he was hesitant to go.

In the soil under the slope of Ma Wei (wéi), there is no place where Yu Yankong died.

The rulers and ministers care about each other and wear clothes, and look to the east to the gates of the capital.

When they returned, the pool garden was still the same, and the hibiscus of Taiye was not the young willow.

Hibiscus is like a willow and eyebrows, how can you not cry about this?

In the spring breeze, the peach and plum blossoms bloom, and in the autumn rain, the sycamore leaves fall.

In the south of the West Palace (one book is “Yuan”), there are many autumn grasses, and the fallen leaves are full of red and not swept away.

Liyuan’s disciples have new white hair, and Jiaofang’s supervisor, Qing’e, is old.

In the Xidian Yingfeisi quietly, the solitary lamp was exhausted before falling asleep.

The bells and drums are late and the night is long, and Geng Geng Xinghe is about to dawn.

The mandarin duck tile is cold and frosty, and who is the emerald quilt cold?

Life and death don’t last for years, and the soul never comes to dream.

Linqiong Taoist priest Hongduke can inspire the soul with sincerity.

In order to feel that the king was thinking about it, he taught alchemists to look for it diligently.

Empty and control the qi and run like electricity, ascend to the sky and enter the earth to seek the bias (same as “everywhere”).

Shangqiongbi fell to Huangquan, and the two places were nowhere to be seen.

Suddenly I heard that there are immortal mountains in the sea, and the mountains are in the midst of nothingness.

The pavilions are exquisite and five clouds rise, and there are many fairies among them.

There is one person whose character is too real, and the appearance of snow-skinned flowers is mixed.

Jinque West Wing knocked on the jade, and transferred to Xiaoyu to report double success.

Hearing about the envoy of the emperor of the Han family, the dream in the Jiuhua tent was startled.

Pulling up the clothes and pushing the pillow up and wandering, the beaded silver screen fluttered open.

Cloud temples are half-new to sleep (jué), and the flower crowns are not neat.

The wind blows the fairy robe and lifts it, like a dance of neon clothes and feathers.

Yurong’s lonely tears are dry, and a sprig of pear blossoms brings rain in spring.

Looking at King Xie with affection, one is vague in sound and appearance.

In Zhaoyang Hall, there is love and love, and in Penglai Palace, the sun and the moon are long.

Looking back and looking down at the world, I can’t see Chang’an and see the dust and fog.

But the old things express affection, and the alloy hairpin will be sent.

One strand of the hairpin is combined into one fan, and the golden one of the hairpin is combined into one.

But teaching (“Ling” in the Chinese elective textbook) has a heart like Jin Dianjian, who will meet in heaven and earth.

Parting diligently re-sent words, the words have vows and two hearts.

On the seventh day of the seventh month, in the Hall of Longevity, in the middle of the night when no one was whispering.

In the sky, I would like to be a winged bird, and on the ground I would like to be a connected branch.

Eternal and eternal, this hatred will never end.

The Book of Songs · Bei Feng · Drumming

Beat the drums and use them vigorously. Soil country city canal, I alone southbound.

From Sun Zizhong, Ping Chen and Song. If I don’t go home, I’m worried.

Where do you live? Yuan mourning his horse? In order to ask for it? under the forest.

Life and death are bound together, talk to Zicheng. Holding the hand of the son, grow old together with the son.

Yu sighing wide, not my life. Yu Xun Xi, I do not believe Xi.

Untitled Author Tsangyang Gyatso, the Sixth Dalai Lama of Tibet

Beauty is not born from a mother’s womb, it should be grown from a peach tree,

I already hate that peach blossoms fall easily, Falling flowers are more affectionate than Ru.

In stillness, practice stillness and contemplation;

If you use this mind to learn the Tao, what is the difficulty in becoming a Buddha?

Joining the heart and forming the fate, although this life is short and lingering,

On the day of reunion with Qing, Yushu was a young man in the wind.

Not contemplating birth and death and impermanence, but samsara towards death,

Extremely clever and wise, I sigh that he is always in the dark.

The wild horses on the top of the mountain are hard to tame, and the machine can still control them.

He sighs that he is full of supernatural powers and cannot control the person beside his pillow.

If you want to lean on the green window to accompany Qingqing, I regret that I have gone the wrong way in this life.

Willing to go to the jungle with a bowl, I am also in love with the beauty.

Sitting in meditation and contemplating the Dharma, the eyes are opened, and I pray to the Three Jewels to descend the spirit platform,

Have you ever seen the saints in the view? Come without a lover.

Going into the mountains to visit the Taoist monks, ask the master to explain the reason.

Fighting for lovesickness without arrest, I want to go to Qingqing.

I am afraid of hurting the holy life because of my passion, and I am afraid that I will lose the city by mistake when I enter the mountain.

How can the world have both complete laws, not as good as the Tathagata

modern love poems
“Hedong Bridge” Modern· Huang Jingyuan

Jakuritsu Yorban Kawahigashi, Kiyoteru 瀲處, Wind-like cold.

Looking across the long street is still prosperous, and it is cool alone.

The whole city is full of flowers, who knows who is worried, why not laugh at him passing by?

The shadows are like a drunken gauze dream, but it is difficult to send Xingshuangcan.

Helpless by tossing.

It is misty smoke again, the clouds and mountains are far and near, and the ink is dyed.

The broken thoughts quietly wrinkled in fleeting years, covering up with the waves.

The weeds are grieving, the night is vast, and this feeling is just like forgetting each other.

How much the Floating Life Disillusionment teaches, the fingers circle back to the brow and the heart hurts.

An idle song.

Solitary Return (Modern Wei Xin)

No moon, no stars, no reason to look.

The wind rises and returns alone, and the alley is desolate and desolate.

Birds of envy have two dwellings, and the humble nest is long in love.

The beautiful woman is eager, why fear the frost.

The love poem of modern people’s repentance of love

Bitter Shadow (sad love, single shadow only)


You are cocooning yourself, I want to see through loneliness!

If you betray the covenant of the previous life, make the bitter love of this life!

Fall in love with the sorrow of parting and ignore the happiness of getting along!

I got up and paid attention to my feelings, and regretted my innocence at the beginning!

Poem: “Life and Death Love”


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Fen Dai Jiao, Chu Xia Yusheng, and Ying Wenyin have tears in their eyes

My phoenix and Xiao Yu cry, how can the old joyful words be empty

Five years of brushing ink, the book has become cold and defying the scales and five claws plucking the Xiangxian

This life is accompanied by the useless cut off the love thread and hit the green bell

This feeling can still be the playful sound of the pavilion in memory of death

Crazy dragon vows to die Ling Tianzhi overlooks the sky

The soul treads the sky without a minister

Poem: “Sad Words”

Author: Wang Xiaoming

Towards take-off, the flower can’t dream suddenly becomes sad

Thinking of a glass of wine lying in a flower, the sky is cold

The sprout branches in the front seat of the nine-song flower tremble and cherish the year

Wangzhi recalls acquaintance, so flowers passed away for several years

Pour cold wine to others, empty self-pity

Servants and servants are all travelers

Subject: send you a bouquet of flowers

Poem: The Wind Sends

Liu Shaokun’s “We” Collection of Chinese Modern Art Museum
Liu Shaokun’s “We” Collection of Chinese Modern Art Museum
send you a bouquet of flowers,

No roses, for thorns,

No cloves, a little sad,

I don’t want peony, it’s too magnificent.

send you a bouquet of flowers,

Must have posture, must have fragrance,

It has to have bright red petals.

there is a flower,


Watered with the juice of love, dipped in honey,

Inserted in the heart, fragrant all year round.

That flower is me, always in your heart,

Flowers are blooming with joy, and hearts are always in full bloom.

“521 Love Confession Word Puzzle Poems” [A Hundred Years of Goodness]

Author: Shuiyun Chuanliu

The hazy mist rises to the point of whiteheads,

Passionate about flying away.

Now let the beautiful woman wander alone,

Knowing that a woman is my request.

Guess one word for each sentence, and connect the four words of the riddle to form a sentence expressing love.

Mystery: A Hundred Years of Happiness

“521 Love Confession Word Puzzle Poems” [I Like You]

Author: Shuiyun Chuanliu

Clouds, geese and birds go for a long time,

The red beans are left inside the painting.

Sweeping the north wind and cooking fire,

On the eve of the day, the bird traveled to the south.

Guess one word for each sentence, and connect the four words of the riddle to form a sentence expressing love.


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