Showing your 3 values ​​makes girls curious


3 values ​​makes girls curious


Hey ~ Hello everyone, I have been a little puzzled about one thing recently, that is, all boys know that “love needs enough attraction”, but few people know how to attract correctly. In the end, the method of attracting is summed up in appearance, otherwise it is money That’s it.



It is undeniable that having good looks, good physique, and money is a reflection of self-worth, and it will also attract a lot of opposite sex. But the natural appearance and personal capital are not things that can be changed so easily. What should I do? Start hating the rich, hating Yan?


In fact, we all know that these angers are nothing more than self-avoidance, an escape from our unwillingness to change the status quo. In fact, there are many ways to attract the opposite sex, and we can roughly divide them into three types: “visual value, behavioral value, and social value”.


Looking good and having money are only two parts of visual and behavioral value, but for the opposite sex, the more attractive one is social value. For example, building a social circle and a circle of friends, which are common in social values, is enough to create a good ability to attract the opposite sex.

Moreover, compared to always caring about looking good and being rich, it is easier to build your own social circle and circle of friends, which is why the importance of value attraction is always emphasized.


The reason why I am single is precisely because I have not mastered the experience of attracting girls. After all, attraction is the highest level of pursuit. I believe that every boy hopes that he can be like Wei Xiaobao in Jin Yong’s writings, but the reality is so wasted, he can only carry such a dream, which is far away.


Good love is attracted, and for boys, you have the strongest attraction, which comes from your high value.


As for how to create it, today I will let everyone know the secret of it again, and I have prepared three kinds of value attraction that will be discussed below, so that you can achieve the best results when you pursue girls.


1. Visual value


Visual value, that is, the value conveyed to girls through external intuition, determines the quality of the first impression.


To put it simply, it is a girl’s external judgment through appearance, outfit, posture, etc., whether we can meet her aesthetic height. When we meet the aesthetic height of girls, we can bring her pleasant aesthetic enjoyment, so we need to have visual value.


But it is worth mentioning that good looks does not directly determine the level of visual value, it is just a plus. That is to say, external factors such as your height, fair complexion, ability to dress, good posture, etc., will affect the level of visual value.


For example, if the full score of visual value is 100, it will be worth 20 points for good looks, tall growth, fair complexion, good looks, and good posture.


Think about it, even if you don’t meet one of the standards, the other four will add up to 80 points, which is not inferior to those who are good-looking but only meet two or three standards. Moreover, each girl has a different proportion of each condition of visual value. For example, some girls are only addicted to boys who can wear clothes, and it doesn’t matter if they don’t have other conditions.


Therefore, don’t think that girls only like good-looking men, so let yourself give up, be sloppy, and have a plump body, and finally destroy your own visual value.


Don’t give up on yourself, try to find the most suitable style for you, take care of yourself, and cooperate with “Building a Community Value Display Surface” to maximize your visual value.


2. The value of behavior.


Behavioral value, that is, the meaning of people’s behavior in a certain social relationship, is divided into two types: objective value and emotional value. It is the criterion for whether girls can further communicate with us.


To put it simply, it is whether our behavior can meet certain needs of a girl. If it can be met, it will be valuable to her, and if it cannot be met, it will be worthless.


Objective value is our position in this society and the capital we have. Due to the relative stability of objective values, more and more people are keen to choose the rich and powerful. However, behavioral value is not entirely determined by objective value, but also influenced by emotional value.


For example, girls like boys who are warm, considerate, gentle, and take care of others. They know how to comfort them when they are sad. They often provide her with warmth, so that when she is with you, she can enjoy a comfortable mood. This is emotional value.


In the relationship between men and women, in a certain sense, emotional value is more important than objective value.


As we all know, girls are “emotional animals”, so they will pay more attention to people who can bring high emotional value to them. But when their emotions are not satisfied, they have to value objective values.


Therefore, sometimes when we are always rejected by girls, we should really reflect on ourselves. Are girls snobbish, or whether we have neither money nor emotional value, so that we can find our own problems to correct and attract girls.


3. Social value


In layman’s terms, social value is the ability for a girl to enhance her own value through our value.


To explain with an idiom, we can understand it as a rising tide.


Because of its broad scope, the previous sections on visual value and behavioral value are also included. For example, it is a value that we have to look good and wear well, but girls will attract attention because they are with us, and the value of the other party will be improved because of this.


For example, if you have money and power, the other party will enhance their objective value because they are with us. For example, cooking a good dish not only satisfies the taste buds of the other party, but also increases her value when the other party receives the praise of “Your boyfriend is amazing”.


For example, she is very good at taking pictures, and the other party will enhance her visual value because we take her beautifully.


So when it comes to this, social value is a symbol of our own competitiveness, survival ability, professional skills, etc., when you have more, plus the construction of community value display. A good value attraction is a comprehensive display of visual, behavioral, and social values, and we must attach great importance to it!




We may not have strong economic strength or the appearance of male gods, but we must have the temperament of mature men, because mature men are the most attractive to girls.


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Some people may say that men only need to have money. It is true that money can attract a lot of people, not only women and men will be attracted, because no one does not love money. But remember it’s people attracted to your money, not your own charm, but then again, a successful man is bound to attract more women.


Therefore, to be a mature man, the first necessary condition is to make oneself knowledgeable, introverted, and not to exaggerate. It is the first step to success. If there is no dialogue, how can you attract her?


Many boys don’t know what to do as long as they meet a girl they like, even if they chat, they don’t know what to talk about, let alone what to say to show their value and attraction.


When many boys chat with girls, in addition to not knowing how to show themselves, they just always care and please.


The most expressive thing is concern. The weather is cold recently. Wear more clothes. Does my aunt still have a stomachache? Have you brought an umbrella when it rains? I made your favorite red bean soup, and now it’s at the door of your company, come and get it. I bought you your favorite dim sum and more.


It’s not that these things can’t be done, but that they have seriously neglected their own value performance, and don’t know how to show their personality charm to establish their own value attraction.


Love is an emotional chemical reaction, and emotional stimulation is the direct switch of attraction. If the process of chatting and interacting with a girl is very boring and boring, eventually the girl will think you are boring and stop replying to you.


Interesting and valuable people can bring you happiness. For example, knowing humor is also a high value. If the person around you is humorous and interesting, and can bring you infinite joy every day, do you also like to get along with him?


What a woman is looking for is a strong man, a man who can give her a sense of security, a man who can give her a future, a man who can conquer herself, not a little brother who needs to take care of herself.


So even if it is the topic leading during the chat, and your unique thinking is conveying your assertiveness and survivability, the combination is your value attraction, which is very attractive to girls.


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In the end, the premise of attracting girls is self-confidence. A positive and optimistic attitude is as attractive as sunshine, and no matter who it is, they like to get along with optimistic people.


The above is the experience of “pursuing the value attraction of girls” shared with you today. I hope everyone can find their own position from today’s content, catch up with the girls they like, or make your love relationship more stable. .


Don’t deny yourself without authorization. If you have any questions, you can tell me your troubles. I wish you to catch up with her as soon as possible~


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