The 50 reasons why you choose to marry your partner


Marry your partner.


You have in your hand to know why marry that special person, Jaysteky presents all the reasons. Surely you also believe that they are all true! What yes?

marry your partner

As the song by Andrés Calamaro says: “With you I learned that there are new and better emotions”… And having a partner means much more than we can imagine. Sensations can be subjective, yes. But there are reasons why it is worth spending the rest of your life with that special someone .

To inspire you, to give him a surprise or who knows to ask him to marry you, we have created this declaration of intent. All the reasons why I want to marry you :

1. Because united we are stronger.

2. For the laughter: yours, mine and those of the two together.

3. Because your kisses and hugs heal pain.

4. Because dreams seem more feasible if you are by my side.

5. Because together we will bridge the gap.

6. Because our kisses are precious , what Iván Ferreiro would say.

7. Because I like you even when you get angry.

8. Because you have enough courage to fight for me.

9. Because you hug me when no one but you realizes that I need that hug.

10. For that kiss on the forehead.

11. Because deep down you know I’m right (almost always).

12. For allowing me to see the world with different eyes.

13. Because you value me, support me and motivate me when I need it.

14. For making the darkest nights the brightest.

15. Because when you are not like me I miss you there is no punishment in the world , Supersubmarine versa.

16. Because when everything seems finished, something has only just begun.

17. Because, as a friend says, sharing is living and, if it’s with you, much better.

18. To be able to cheat time together.

19. Because I will kill monsters for you , say those of Love of Lesbian.

20. For being my favorite superhero.

21. Because there are topics that I can only talk about with you.

22. Because getting angry doesn’t mean we’re going to leave him.

23. For the popcorn and movie plan together.

24. Because when you really want you give me all the attention in the world.

25. Because you like my mistakes.

26. And my flaws.

27. And my virtues.

28. Because you are the one who makes me see the light at the end of the tunnel.

29. For making me travel without moving my feet from the place where we are.

30. For making an effort every day and making me work hard.

31. For waking me up with a kiss and an “I love you”.

32. Because you hold me at night while we sleep.

33. Because with a look we tell each other everything.

34. For your caresses, your kisses and your jokes.

35. Because you make me feel “Miss Universe”.

36. For our endless nights.

37. Because I’m not lying if I swear that I would give my whole life for you , as Joaquín Sabina would say.

38. Because our home without you is not our home.

39. Because with you I dream awake and asleep.

40. Because you make me laugh out loud like no one else can.

41. Because it is because of you that my eyes shine today and I have spoken of love again , as Juanes sings.

42. Because getting drunk on you is the best thing to do on any Saturday.

43. Because before you my army surrenders.

44. For living together a whole life.


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45. Because your little details are huge for me.

46. ​​Because as Los Ronaldos would say, I can’t live without you .

47. Because… the nights and days are to love you more and more.

48. Because if you are happy, I am too.

49. For not having to look for more reasons.

50. For something as simple as that I love you as I have not loved or will love anyone.

Look no further, he is the right person! Now all that remains is to “take a run” and move forward, without fear and together, you have a lifetime left to share moments of happiness!


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