The top 50 best love tips


It’s not always easy to find love or start a new story. We ask ourselves a lot of questions: How can I make my relationship work? How to be happy as a couple? How to have a fulfilling sex life? With all our advice, we promise, you will become an expert in love. Here they are!
Tips for living your love story well
“If a man tells you he’s not ready to commit, he’s not ready to commit.”
And instead of thinking that we will convince him to change his mind, we can thank him for having had the courtesy to warn us and give us the possibility of moving on to another who is not at this stage. .

“Of course you can pretend to share his passions.”
But one day will inevitably come when either it will be obvious that paragliding, we know absolutely nothing about it, or we will be tired of getting excited about the idea of ​​a great paragliding weekend.

And yes, tobe happy as a couple, you have to be yourself !

“That doesn’t stop you from being interested in what he likes.”
And to ask him how it was, paragliding.

“Just because we argue doesn’t mean we don’t love each other.”
A question that we sometimes ask ourselves at the first shouting match… Moreover, thebenefits of the argument are numerous.

“A couple is not never arguing, it’s knowing how to get over it.”
Without it always being the same one who yields to the other. There are some tips forquickly resolving an argument.

“A man is not a girlfriend.”
We don’t discuss the same subjects, we don’t do the same things with a fiancé and with a friend.

“We don’t have to do everything together!”
You can love someone deeply and be very happy to have the bathroom to yourself. Sometimes even the apartment.

“Tell him you love him.”
HASman needs reassurance.

“If you want to treat people, become a doctor or a nurse.”
A man is a partner. Not a child, nor a seriously injured person.

“He loves seeing you in heels? Get your heels out!”
It’s just for an evening, not to go shopping for the week at the hypermarket.

“Don’t listen to what he says, watch what he does.”
Video of the day:
A man who says “Yes, yes I’m coming” and who is not there, or who says “I love you” and who is still not separated from his ex, that inspires moderate confidence.

Conversely: if this tall silent man is still there for us and offers us a gift mentioned six months ago while passing in front of a window, then…

“If you’re the only one keeping the relationship going, it’s not a relationship.”
What is it then? A fantasy. Gold has sacrifice.

“You have the right to tell him that you feel like you are the only one keeping the relationship alive.”
And, if he’s completely okay with that and doesn’t see where the problem is, then it’s time tomove on. And to finally be with someone who will want him to do his bit.

“There is more than one way to love yourself.”
And not just a house, a station wagon, a dog and three children.

“You don’t have to suffer to love.”
The ups, downs and the ravages of passion , it makes for good films or even news items but, to live on a daily basis, it’s just exhausting.

So, ask yourself the question: by putting yourself on the rollercoaster of emotions, which one do you avoid thinking about?

How to find love?
“Get dressed and go out!”
It must be recognized that this considerably increases meeting opportunities , compared to staying on your sofa in front of “Dr House”.

“Get dressed and go out anyway!”
Yes, on Facebook he is great. Now it’s good to see how it goes in 3D, IRL, in real life what. How old is his photo, for example?

“Don’t forget yourself.”
In addition, if we constantly put our desires before ours, after, it is to him that we will blame.

“Love is not ‘deserved’.”
Being loved has nothing to do with forcing yourself to be perfect, to do everything well, to be the most beautiful and the most stylish, and the one who fulfills all your desires. That’s seduction, and even if it can be part of the game, it’s not the same thing.

“A man can’t guess what’s on your mind if you don’t tell him!”
It’s not because he loves us that he becomes clairvoyant, this boy.

“A man who doesn’t call back is not interested.”
Which doesn’t mean we’re not interesting, just that it’s a good sign that this is not the one we’re destined to be a couple with .

“Just because he doesn’t call back doesn’t mean he’s interesting!”
Desire is thus paradoxically made that it clings to what is refused and that it cannot have – that is why we produce handbags in limited versions, expressly so that it does not there isn’t for everyone.

What is it then called when one attaches oneself to what is there? Well, that’s called love!

“If he has someone in his life and you have nobody in yours, then forget about it.”
Because that’s how you find yourself desperately alone on Christmas when he’s gone skiing in the studio of his fiancée’s parents. And besides every other night when he leaves.

“Everyone has tried to hypnotize their phone by saying, ‘Ring, but ring!'”
And ‘casually’ texted ‘By the way how are you?’, thinking ‘Please tell me you love me’, created a new account on the dating site to verify that he was no longer going, passed “by chance” for the seventeenth time in front of his house…


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All that is a sign that things are not happening, but it takes time to understand. Dumb? No, just normal. It’s like starting off on your butt when you learn to walk.

If he’s not interested, he’s not interested

“Think about looking at nice men.”
Even if we are radically opposed to their choice of socks.

“To love is to take risks.”
This is the case when we open up to the presence of another in our life. No one can guarantee zero pain, zero unhappiness. But only loving can guarantee the happiness of loving. I

Be happy with yourself before being happy as a couple
“The future is not right now, live in the present moment.”
Sometimes it’s very premature to imagine in which dress we will go up to the altar: just having spent a great evening together is already great!

“Spend time with your friends.”
In the first fires of love, we tend to forget them. However, keeping a friendly life is good for them, for us, and for the couple.

“Never a failure always a lesson.”
Without going so far as to get it tattooed under your collarbone like Rihanna, it’s a constructive way to think about a love story when it had a bit of a painful way to end. So as not to make the same mistake again.

“Don’t expect a man to fill the void in your life. That’s up to you to do.”
Our life is up to us to take care of it: find what we like to do

A man is not used to fill a void in our life

“If you give an ultimatum, you have to be able to stick to it.”
Because otherwise, it’s just a story to be discredited.

“Don’t forgive anything.”
If only out of self-respect.

“If you have something on your heart, tell him right away.”
Calmly if possible, but even if we ruffle a little, it will leave less traces than saying nothing, taking it and, inevitably, accumulating resentment.

“Never settle accounts in public.”
Knowing that his mother, the cashier, the friends and the children, it is public. Yes, yes, sometimes it’s very, very hard. But we can do it!



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There will always be time to move on if you made a mistake.

Tips for fulfilling sex life
“We don’t care if we sleep the first night or not. But it’s so delicious to make the wait last…”
And to let oneself be courted too, it must be recognized.

“If he doesn’t respect you enough to put on a condom, then forget it.”
If a man does not take care of the protection of his partner from the outset, then what will it be afterwards!

“Sex matters.”
No, it’s not very serious when from time to time it does not work. But over time? That’s another matter.

“A man can’t guess what you like in bed if you don’t tell him!”
And since women can be different, what pleased his ex does not necessarily send us to seventh heaven. And reciprocally.


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