The traditions of military marriage and its profession rituals


One of the members of your couple is military? Then you will certainly want to put its function in the spotlight and celebrate your union thanks to the rituals inherent in this profession. Here are some specifics related to military marriage.


One of you or maybe even both members of your couple perform a military function, a trade in uniform. These professions are made daily with certain rituals such as the wearing of specific clothes, salutes or parades on certain specific dates. This is why when a soldier marries, he obeys certain codes related to his function. So he can’t put on just any wedding suit or even give a banal wedding speech. All the customs that we are going to present to you in this article are not obligatory but a large number of them are respected by the military who are about to get married. Moreover, these habits and customs are generally very appreciated by the guests who thus have the opportunity to attend a quirky wedding.

Do you want to know more about the traditions of the military wedding? Here are some answers and ideas to take up on your own.

If the soldier is a man, he has the option of wearing his parade or ceremonial uniform. He will therefore be entitled to his saber (or sword), white gloves for certain functions, helmet, kepi and other accessories relating to his profession. On the other hand, he will not be able to wear a buttonhole or customize his outfit in any way.

If the soldier is a woman, she can choose to unite in a simple wedding dress or wear her uniform. If she gets married in a dress, it cannot be too low-cut and respect a certain elegance. If she decides to wear her uniform she will not be able to hang accessories such as flowers on it.

The decoration of the wedding
The member of the couple exercising a military function will wear their uniform on their wedding day if they wish, as we have mentioned. The uniforms are of course different depending on whether you are an airman, a ground soldier, a policeman, a firefighter or even a sailor. A good idea may be to match the colors of your wedding theme to the dominant color of your spouse’s suit.

The function of the military spouse can also be used as a theme at your reception. If you are about to marry a sailor, you can quite imagine a wedding room decoration on the theme of the sea for example .

You can push the detail of your wedding decoration to find small subjects dressed as soldiers to place at the top of your wedding cake. Success guaranteed! You can also give the tables names related to the military function or for example the names of countries in which the person was sent on a mission.

Travel of the bride and groom
You may be able to requisition a company vehicle for your D-Day trips. It can indeed be particularly fun to arrive in a vintage fire engine or be followed by a procession of motorcycles. gendarmerie to the place of the ceremony.

The wedding ceremony
It is certainly during the ceremony itself that the fact of observing the customs of the military marriage will be the most significant. The colleagues of the military spouse can also come in uniform to give even more presence to your event.

At the exit of the town hall or the church, the soldiers present on the occasion of your wedding will place themselves on either side of the door to offer you a magnificent guard of honor , sometimes by means of swords or swords raised in the air. The newlyweds will thus pass on either side of their friends and will be cheered by the guests gathered on the forecourt!


Entertainment during the reception
Cutting the cake can be an original wedding entertainment during a military ceremony. Indeed, if your spouse has a sword, he can use it to cut the dessert in half, a great moment!

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If your friends are the sporty type and aren’t afraid to get dirty, why not organize a little obstacle course for them? You will be able to judge the military skills of your loved ones! If you want to do it big, ask guests to bring comfortable clothes to change into when doing this activity.

You can also make a little nod to your spouse’s function by ringing a bell linked to his regiment or his function at a specific moment during the wedding, for example during the entry of the bride and groom into the reception room.

The protocol linked to a military wedding
The celebration of a military marriage is not only made of entertainment but also of some rules , in particular at the time of carrying out your table plan. If there are differences in rank between the soldiers invited on D-Day, you must ensure that you respect them and, for example, invite the highest-ranking soldiers to the head table.

As you will have understood, a military wedding is not just any type of wedding. Certain protocols are to be respected, certain customs are to be honored.


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