These qualities are fatal to women, you deserve it!


To attract, to be close to someone’s desire. Attraction, a willingness to let others approach; Attraction, to make this potential a reality. Attraction does not necessarily develop into love, but attraction opens up the possibility of love. This is a passage I saw there, and I forgot it, but I think it is very good. If men and women are not attracted together, they will feel that there is something missing.


We divide attraction into two levels

1. External substances

1. Appearance. If you look handsome, then you naturally have the advantage of attracting women’s attention.

2. Temperament. Including dress, eyes, gestures, body language.

3. Income. If you have a higher income and have a car and a house, it indicates that your survival value is higher, and it also has a strong attractive advantage for women.

4. Status. Including position, the degree of respect in the community. People with higher social status are more attractive to women.

Generally, these conditions are hardware conditions. If it is a blind date, hardware conditions account for more than 90%. Even when it comes to dating, physical conditions play a decisive role. If a boy is dating a woman for the first time, he must be well groomed. Because the first impression determines whether a woman has a good impression of you and whether the relationship continues to develop. The vast majority of women, will not give you a second chance to re-show your image.


If it is on the network, it will be the friend stage. At this stage, you should try your best to show your extensive knowledge, or expertise in a certain area, so that women are interested in your mystery and exploration.

The attraction to women constituted by external material conditions is a shallow attraction. Women may choose to give up on you at any time because of changes in your external conditions.

Therefore, external conditions are not the most fatal attraction for women, and we feel that the internal quality is what attracts women lastingly.

Intrinsic value I divide it into the following categories:

1. Value in life

Why does the goddess like to play selfies and keep brushing the circle of friends? Wherever the beauties have gone to travel, and all the delicacies they have eaten are posted, this is a woman showing the value of her life. If a diaosi sees the scenes of the goddess’s circle of friends are all white and rich, and it is a life that you can’t dream of, then you don’t want to go to such a woman. It’s useless for you to learn any dating skills, because you and her not a person of a living level;

Therefore, the value in life is to show the details of our life through language or words, so that women can understand our life level and life status;

The details are life, and life is the details. We eat, sleep, work and travel every day. These are details. It is the little details that make up our beautiful and fulfilling day.


2. The value of words

Words are the voice of the heart. In the process of communicating with beautiful women, from your words or language, you always convey your thoughts, values, and life experiences. Whether you are a person with energy or a person with negative energy, women can quickly feel it;

3. The value of character

Women judge a man’s character through three aspects. One is to judge your character from the stories you have told and your life experiences.

The second is to judge your character by what others say about you;

The third is to judge your character from your behavior. This is the most important one, so when you are dating a woman, you must pay attention to the details of your behavior and try to avoid the behavior of deducting points;


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4. The value of emotions

Emotion is a comprehensive psychological and physiological state of people’s various feelings, thoughts and behaviors. It is the psychological response to external stimuli, as well as the accompanying physiological responses, such as joy, anger, sadness, and joy. Emotions are subjective experiences and feelings of individuals, often related to mood, temperament, character and disposition.

What is love? The so-called love is to create a very romantic and emotional experience for women. Therefore, from the moment you start a conversation with a beautiful woman, you must start to maintain a high degree of emotional interaction and communication with women;

Therefore, you can’t completely attract the girl you like with either value, unless you have both, it is possible to achieve it. Then when our external value has not reached your hope, the internal quality is the key to you picking up girls.

After reading this, I still don’t know how to understand women? How to communicate with women?

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