Tips for a Healthy Teen Dating


Healthy Teen Dating


Love is the feelings one person feels for another. However, for a couple to maintain their love from a very young age, it is important that they cultivate and maintain their relationship.

Likewise, love between young people usually goes through many stages and changes for together as a couple overcome them at every step they take, since in this way the time they dedicate to each other will be what allows their love to prosper.

On the other hand, the best tactic to maintain love in young people is to have good self-esteem and have control over their limits. In this way, they will be able to clarify within the relationship what they want and what they do not want and what they will accept and what they will not.

In addition, to maintain a good relationship, the ideal is that they have a communication that is affective, which will give them the ability to identify and express their feelings, both good and bad, and in this way they can agree with their partner.


First love always makes us feel butterflies, it makes us experience new sensations where our hearts beat a thousand times an hour and our hands sweat like when we are going to exhibit in front of the whole group, however having a teenage courtship also carries his responsibilities, not because he is your first boyfriend you want to eat the world in one bite because there is always heartbreak and you must be in good spirits so that he does not throw you out and leave you on the canvas, remember that everything is experiences and everything is learn.


We want to give you some advice so that your relationship is healthy and beautiful, at this age everything is an experiment, you never know what to do or how to react. So it is best to know some tips to have a pleasant courtship. 7 tips for healthy teen dating.

Wisdom That Helps:

Between the ages of 14 and 15, adolescent girls begin to have attempts at possible courtships with friends who are generally close or belong to the group of friends they frequent.

Tips for a Healthy Teen Dating.

To cultivate and maintain a good relationship in love for young people, it is important that you take into account each of the tips that we will give you, which will be the key for your relationship to flow and to overcome each of the tests, adversities or stages together. that can eventually come your way.

Among the love tips that you can take into account are:

Small details.

When the routine begins to be repetitive, the couples therefore begin to get bored, for this they can feed their ability to surprise since they can do small details that will make a difference and in turn they will be able to get out of the routine in which they are stuck.

Likewise, for these small details it is not important to spend money, just a kiss, a caress, a message, a note, a visit or a word of love is enough to remind your partner that you still feel love for him or her.

Time to share.

Another of the things that will make love between young people emerge and stay is being able to share a lot with your partner since the relationship begins to die if they do not share a lot.

For this, they should only find a little time in which both can share each day.

Have dinner together.

Going out to dinner together from time to time will make the relationship grow, as well as if you don’t want to go out you can surprise your partner with a homemade dinner or lunch.

In this way, they will be able to show their love and that despite everything that happens they are still there.

1.- Avoid jealousy.

Many first-timers in love experience many emotions, be careful that jealousy is not predominant. Avoid being jealous of your previous partners and avoid making your partner jealous, better enjoy the moment.

If you assume your partner is jealous, give them a little more affection. If she has friends, don’t feel jealous about it. You can irritate her and also show insecurity.

2.- Give him his space.

The first courtship is so nice that you always want to be with that special person, so much so that sometimes you make the mistake of smothering that person. If you know that he or she will have an important exam very soon, you should give him or her space to study.

Being attentive is noticing when your partner wants moments of solitude. Space and privacy are necessary for any healthy relationship. Walking away helps both of you get enough perspective to realize how much you miss each other.

3.- Live slowly.

Stop worrying too much and live one day at a time, just focus on making your partner happy and don’t plan ahead.

It is true that sometimes relationships are extended, but in adolescence it is common for things to end sooner or later. Love came into your life and you should be grateful for it. Time will tell if your relationship lasts long or short.

4.- Good manners.

This is your chance to start practicing things that will serve you for the rest of your life. The young men must learn to be great gentlemen and the ladies must learn to respect.

Both of you should learn courtesy and respect each other. Be attentive, loving and very respectful.

5.- Take care of your sexuality.

Youcan decide to have or not to have relationships. You must respect your decision and give yourself respect. Your partner should accept your decision and not pressure you. Learn about sexuality and try to take care of yourself too. If you both decide to have sex, it is important that you take care of yourself and decide to have safe sex. If both take care of themselves, they will be further away from diseases and unwanted pregnancies.

6.- Do not give in to group pressure.

Many of your friends or friends will give you advice, but that does not mean that they are right in everything they tell you.

If there is something that goes against the principles and values ​​that have been instilled in you at home, it is best to ignore these arguments. Strengthen your self-esteem, knowing yourself will help you make decisions with greater clarity and you will be able to reject what is not correct.

7.- Communicate correctly.

Honesty, learn to say nice things and express things you don’t like. You can use phrases like: “I would like that…” and also “No, thanks”.

Learn to suggest what pleases you and reject what you don’t like, in courtship that person is not everything, you are worth it too. Love should not make you sacrifice who you are.

Communication is basic so that you do not start falling into the vices of relationships, you will always remember your first love and what better than remembering a beautiful relationship to a sick relationship because that will lead you to seek destructive relationships in the future and believe us love.

It is very nice if you live healthily, everything in due time and above all always take into account your sixth sense because losing your boyfriend does not give in to doing something you do not want, respect yourself and take care of yourself, never forget it.

Love in adolescence:

It is good to help adolescents to live their first love relationship with awareness, as it will probably mark the rest of their future relationships. In this sense, they will need the guidance of their parents to accompany them to face that first love.

Love in adolescence:

How to face it successfully, Professionals maintain that love in adolescence determines people’s affective parameters for life .

This means that if during this period your first love lives healthy and beautiful, your future relationships will be experienced in the same way.

On the other hand, if, on the contrary, you live in an unpleasant or bitter relationship, it is possible that you will always repeat that bad experience.

Feeling loved is an innate condition of the human being. It is in adolescence when physical and hormonal changes cause feelings or emotions to intensify. Do you want to accompany your child to live love in adolescence in a healthy way? Find out here what you can do.

What kind of love does the adolescent feel?

There are different types of love in the life of the human being, among them we have brotherly, filial and friendship love. Some of them are felt from the moment we are born.

An example is filial love ; the one that children receive from their parents. However, romantic love begins to awaken during the period of adolescence .

Love in adolescence:

main characteristics
Romantic love sometimes comes from a previous friendship relationship that you have with a person. In addition, it is characterized by two very relevant qualities:

Intense sexual attraction.

It’s natural for guys to be physically attracted to a particular person and want to be around that person all the time. This desire is accompanied by the sensory need to kiss her, touch her, caress her and even have sex with her .

Sexuality is one of the themes that emerges during the teenage years.
emotional attachment

It is the bond of affective type that is created towards the person loved by the young person.

This quality is distinguished because thoughts, feelings and tastes are shared in common that are not felt towards anyone else.

Advice for parents of teenagers in their first love.

For many parents, discovering that their children are in love is something that causes them anguish and concern. Here are some recommendations on what you should and should not do in this situation:

Respect the teen’s privacy.

Let the young person take the initiative to talk about his experiences. Don’t insist that he talk about it if he doesn’t want to.


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Never make fun of the feelings your child is experiencing . This could make the young man avoid talking about his feelings freely. Be careful with what you say.

Let them express what they feel.

Experiencing his first crush may make the young man want to share his happiness with his loved ones. You must not suppress it. Allowing your child to say what he feels will help him be an emotionally healthy adult.

Don’t speak ill of her crush.

This will make him angry with you and destroy the trust he has placed in you up until now. If you need to say something about it, you should do it with love, patience and respect.

Strengthens your self- esteem.

This will help him deal with the bitter tastes that love usually leaves behind, such as rejection or pain.
“Professionals maintain that love in adolescence determines people’s affective parameters for life”

Talk about sexuality.

Love in this part of the lives of young people is a key moment to touch on the subject of sex . Ideally, the topic should come up and not force the conversation. Remember that it can be very embarrassing to talk about this, so you must be delicate and understanding when doing so.

Give advice.

Your children are already beginning to mature and that is why you must speak to them clearly, directly and sincerely. You shouldn’t cheat on him or tell him things just to look good.
Love in adolescence is a stage of discoveries and charm.

Don’t forget to maintain discipline.

They may feel older because of the changes they are experiencing, perhaps because they have a girlfriend. But that does not free them from fulfilling their duties within the house, make sure they obey you.

In conclusion, experiencing love in adolescence is a feeling that will leave a mark on the young person’s life. The healthiest way to go through it is with the support and company of parents.

Therefore, you should be his ally and adviser in this precious stage of life.


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