When you are in contact with a girl, it is easy to succeed in attracting her in this way

When you are in contact with a girl, it is easy to succeed in attracting her in this way


What is the reason for love as mentioned earlier? is high value. You don’t have to doubt why high value can generate attraction, which is related to human nature.

If it’s you, you can’t help but like your beautiful body when you see it, and you can’t think about it at all. Women too, you have something she likes,

I will fall in love with you hopelessly.


So, when we lead the conversation and start chatting with girls, you have to show value in the conversation.

Showing does not mean pretending, so you should pay attention to the difference between showing value and pretending. Pretending is a naked show, and showing is a passive response.

Should be, or expressed from the side, there are also direct euphemisms.

Like a woman asking what do you do?

You can reply: I am the person in charge of the XXX project….. (passive response)

Just come up and say, I’m the person in charge of XXX, I just sold a 1000W project, I’m happy. (This is pretending)

Let me share the four core values ​​of attracting women:

1. Value in life

Why does the goddess like to play selfies and keep brushing the circle of friends? Where did the beauties travel, and all the delicacies they ate were posted.

This is a woman showing the value of her life. If a diaosi sees that the circle of friends of the goddess is full of Bai Fumei,

It’s a life that you can’t reach, so you don’t want to go to such a woman, it’s useless for you to learn any dating skills,

Because you and her are not of the same level of life;

Therefore, the value in life is to show the details of our life through language or words, so that women can understand the level of our life,

Life status; details are life, life is details, we eat, sleep, work and travel every day, these are details,

It is the little details that make up our beautiful and fulfilling day.

2. The value of words

Words are the voice of the heart, in the process of communicating with beautiful women, from your words or language, you always convey your thoughts, values,

Life experience. Whether you are a person with energy or a person with negative energy, women can quickly feel it;

So many brothers say they can’t chat, and women don’t pay much attention to you. Then, by chatting, it is actually showing your value as a person.

Know that everyone loves good things, so you need to make your speech more engaging.

3. The value of character

Women judge a man’s character through three aspects:

One is to judge your character from the stories you have told and your life experiences.

The second is to judge your character by what others say about you;

The third is to judge your character from your behavior. This is the most important one, so when you are dating a woman, you must pay attention to the details of your behavior and try to avoid the behavior of deducting points.

4. The value of emotions

Emotion is a comprehensive psychological and physiological state of people’s various feelings, thoughts and behaviors, and is a psychological response to external stimuli.

And the accompanying physiological reactions, such as: joy, anger, sadness, joy, etc. Emotions are subjective experiences and feelings of individuals, often related to mood, temperament, character and disposition.

What is love? The so-called love is to create a very romantic and emotional experience for women. so,

From the moment you strike up a conversation with a beautiful woman, you must start to maintain a high degree of emotional interaction and communication with women;

Summary: So brother, you don’t have to worry about being inferior or inferior if you are not tall or handsome, and strive to improve your soft value, which is also the key to winning.


So when is it suitable to display high value and how to display it?

Now introduce 3 presentation techniques:

1. Side display: Show your life status and identity through the other party’s questions.


you: hello

Woman: Hello, what are you doing?

You: Just finished the meeting and arranged the company’s development plan. Now you can relax and chat with you.

Woman: Wow, are you the boss? (Women would think you might be a boss, rich, and powerful)

2. Direct Display: Express your identity directly


You: Hello, I am a photographer. I saw you over there and thought you were very special and temperamental. I wanted to take a photo with you.

Agree to take pictures:

Woman: Oh, hello, thank you. Then take a picture!


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Do not agree to take pictures:

Woman: Hello, thank you. I don’t like taking pictures, sorry, I still have something to do. I’ll go first.

Analysis: Directly express one’s own identity and express the intention of coming. For strangers, directly revealing their identity will increase a certain sense of security in the eyes of strangers.

3. Social authentication: Affirm your own value through a third-party person or institution.

For example: the trophies and education you have won; the third person’s praise for you, etc.

For example, you are dating a lady, and suddenly Jack Ma passes by you and greets you, saying that there is a project that he would like to work with you on.

Analysis: Invisibly through the identity of the third party, or the praise of the third party to you can show your value.


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