Women can change men, why can’t men change women?


As emotional experts, we recently concluded from a large number of marriage counseling: in married life, it must be the woman who can change the man; however, the man who can change the woman is not given to the man, but the money.


1. Men change because of women

Men will change themselves for a woman they love deeply.

1. Women can change the habits of men

No matter how unmotivated a man is, as long as a woman is dedicated to her family, as long as a woman gives encouragement, a man will become motivated. No matter how grumpy a man’s temper is, it will be changed into gentleness because of a woman’s gentleness and kindness. In fact, in life, many bad habits of men will be changed because of women. The premise is that this woman must be a woman who loves him very much, and a woman who is worthy of his deep love.

The other day, several friends got together to talk about quitting smoking. Many men know that smoking is harmful to the body, but there is no way to quit. One of the friends joked: “If you want to quit smoking successfully, unless there is an 18-year-old beautiful woman by her side, she will never let me smoke, and I will definitely not. It will definitely be able to quit.”

Although this is a joke, many friends recognized it on the spot. That’s right, because the attractiveness of 18-year-old beauty is greater than that of cigarettes, men must have the perseverance to change themselves in order to please women.

It can be seen that men are willing to change themselves for their beloved women, and the goals of change are what women want.

2. Women can also change men’s sexuality

Most of today’s marriages have become dull with the left hand touching the right, and the married life has no passion at all. However, no matter how powerless a man is in the face of his wife, as long as there is the temptation of another beautiful woman, the function of a man can soar immediately. Doesn’t this change because of women?

Therefore, the dull root of married life is the husband and wife. Why can’t you change your man with freshness and excitement? Why can’t you inspire men with tenderness and praise?

Two aspects have been briefly mentioned above. In fact, many aspects between husband and wife can change a man through the efforts of a woman. However, women must understand that if they want to change their men, they must first improve their charm and give men enough care and warmth.

2. A man can only use money to change a woman

No way, this is a materialistic era. If a man wants a woman to love himself especially, and wants a woman to be obedient to you, you must have a certain economic strength.


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To put it more realistically, if a man wants to keep a woman’s person and heart, he must be able to give her the life she wants, otherwise, let alone love, even marriage is difficult to guarantee.

The reality is that when a man has money, his wife is very obedient; when a man has no money, he can only listen to his wife’s constant scolding.


Summary: This is the reality, this is the way to get along in marriage. If a woman wants to change her man, she must practice it with her own charm and love; if a man wants to change his woman, he must work hard to make a lot of money!

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